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Are you looking for a job, internship or placement in education?

With a career in education, you can become one of many professions such as a teacher in elementary school or high school, a professor in university, an expert or even a consultant. As an education focused graduate, you can specialize in training for a teacher or get a traineeship for institutions like the European Commission. There are many education related firms in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom, both large and small, so there is enough to choose from as a graduate.

Find your perfect education internship, graduate job, graduate scheme or traineeship. Apply directly for an internship in education or for a placement or graduate scheme in teaching. There are even inhouse days or events in education available to meet your future employer and colleagues.

What are the most popular companies in education?

Which companies in education have the highest number of open vacancies?

The companies in education with the highest number of open vacancies are

  1. University of Amsterdam (76)
  2. Universiteit Leiden (28)
  3. Hogeschool Rotterdam (26)
  4. Erasmus University Rotterdam (24)

Which jobs are common in the education industry?

Are you curious to find out which jobs are most common in a certain industry? We've made a list for you! Discover which roles in the education industry are on

  1. Research (86)
  2. Education (72)
  3. IT (28)

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