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overview of traineeships

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What is a traineeship?

A traineeship means a trajectory that often takes about one to two years which will give you the opportunity to work in various departments within a company. As a trainee you get to learn multiple disciplines, giving you the chance to explore which direction you might want to pursue in your future career. The intention of the trajectory is so that the trainee will be offered a permanent position within the organisation.

Traineeship meaning

Still unsure what a traineeship is? The meaning of a traineeship is that you get paid to learn. During this full-time trajectory you will acquire the right knowledge and experience for your future career.

Types of traineeships

There are multiple types of traineeships, in various different sectors for graduates to choose from. In the Netherlands, organisations have adjusted their programmes to the needs of their trainee and of their organisation. Popular types of traineeships are management traineeships, marketing traineeships, IT traineeships and finance traineeships. We have them all on so check them out.

What is a management traineeship?

When doing a management traineeship, you work under the supervision of managers and other company executives. The purpose of a management traineeship is to acquire essential knowledge and skills which will help you become a future manager. During a management traineeship, you will rotate through multiple departments in order to experience each one of them and learn all company functions.

Most popular companies that offer a traineeship:

  1. KLM traineeships and other jobs
  2. Yacht traineeships and other jobs
  3. Heineken traineeships and other jobs
  4. Rabobank traineeships and other jobs
  5. Skyscrapers traineeships and other jobs

Most popular areas to do a traineeship in:

  1. Traineeships Amsterdam
  2. Traineeships The Hague
  3. Traineeships Rotterdam
  4. Traineeships Utrecht
  5. Traineeships Groningen

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