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Logo UFF African Agri Investments

UFF African Agri Investments
UFF is a leading impact investment boutique in agricultural investments in Africa. With our inhouse agricultural and food knowledge, we currently manage ~20 farms across the continent.8NLRotterdamRotterdam
  1. About UFF African Agri Investments

    Started by Dutch and South African entrepreneurs in the Food & Agricultural sector in 2010, UFF African Agri Investors has grown towards the leading impact investment boutique for agricultural projects accross the African continent. With offices in Rotterdam and Cape Town, the UFF group has 20+ employees ranging from investment managers, agronomical specialist, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) / Impact specialist and (financial) backoffices.

    Our clients are the largest instutional investors (pension funds and insurance companies) of the African continent and UFF manages a portfolio of USD 300m+/ ~20 farms on their behalf. Current projects are spread out over South Africa, Eswatini, Zambia, Nigeria, Morocco and Malawi; and include over 15 different crops (permanent crops like oranges and table grapes; and cash crops such as wheat, maize and soy), dairy farms and livestock.

    Due to rapid expansion of our funds, we are looking for bright, entrepreneurial, passionate and adventurous new members to strenghten our team.

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  3. Our way of working

    Our way of working

    UFF is a formal investor with a very informal way of working as we have literally boots on the ground all the time. We combine in-house farming and food trade knowledge with investment expertise to optimize our farm operations and investments, as we bring specific ESG/impact knowledge and a global perspective to our projects.

    When entering new geographical or crop markets we follow thorough due diligence procedures. We can do both greenfield (from scratch) and brownfield (acquiring existing assets) projects, but both type of investments are based on a thorough analysis. These analyses range from land title deeds and water rights registration, to the agronomical perspective of weather, soil and water quality; and commercial aspects, such as supply chains, logistics, sales markets (local and international), price analysis and currency risks.
    Besides that, we develop full financial models to calculate returns, optimize our international legal structures and manage extensive project management budgets as well maintain tight timelines to support our prognosis. As the scope of our work is wider than usual, we prefer to collaborate in every country and crop market we enter with local partners.

    Practical issues we faced last year are: Is this soil type suitable for growing mangoes? How can we invest with US dollars in Nigeria? How can we secure water during extreme droughts?

    About the picture:
    Leeu-Gamka olives farm in South Africa is ideally located for growing olive trees and the olives produced on the farm will be used mainly for olive oil production.

  4. Making an impact!

    Making an impact!

    Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibility is a key component in UFF’s investment process, with a strong focus on reducing poverty through worker and community development, rural development and economic empowerment. At UFF we are not “box ticking” to comply with social responsibility obligations but our dedicated team achieves practical results like introducing healthcare (clean water, HIV test, free eyecare), schooling and educational programs, reduce water usage in farming practice and improve labour conditions.

    UFF is guided by international standards from: International Labour Organization, World HEalth Organization, UN Food and Agriculture Organization and Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return initiative. We are a proud signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment with an A+ rating (2018).

  5. Importance of agricultural development in Africa

    Importance of agricultural development in Africa

    Food security is a growing global concern. Currently there are over 7 billion people on earth, this number is on the rise and is expected to reach 9 billion people by the year 2050. Food production will need to increase at the same rate to meet the demand.

    Africa has an abundance of fertile soil with a wide range of climates for agricultural diversity. Through investment into Africa, the continent cannot only feed itself, but can be developed into the breadbasket for the rest of the world. Besides the global importance on food security, this will bring the local African markets major economic benefits, which result in reduced poverty, improved live expectancy and independency.

    About the picture:
    Kakulu farms in Zambia is a former tabacco farm, which is turned into a cash crop (wheat and maize) project under centre pivot irrigation as can be seen on the picture.

  6. Our team in Rotterdam

    Our team in Rotterdam

    Based on the 41st floor of 'The Rotterdam Building', we work with a small team of <10 FTE, who feel more like family than colleagues. We have a practical approach to our work as we are the bridge between farmers and institutional investors. The communication amongst the team is informal and we have a complete flat organizational structure, as we need flexibility while we travel to visit our projects.

    Due to rapid expansion of our funds, we are looking for bright, entrepreneurial, passionate and adventures new members to strenghten our team.

Erwin Bouland

Get to know

Erwin Bouland

Joint Managing Director

BIO: Erwin is a highly successful (agribusiness) entrepreneur, who started with and grown businesses in the security industry in the Netherlands. Afterwards he set up a fruit growing and logistical...Show more


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