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  1. Joshua Western - GRADUATE

    Joshua Western - GRADUATE

    Asst Commercial Officer - Thales Space

    UP UNTIL NOW My first role involved co-authoring key documents...

  2. Natalie Harris - INTERN

    Natalie Harris - INTERN

    Project Engineer - Thales Transporation

    UP UNTIL NOW Since I started my internship with Thales,...

  3. Luke Peel - GRADUATE

    Luke Peel - GRADUATE

    Software Engineer - Thales Security

    UP UNTIL NOW I started with a Summer Internship in...

  4. Kellie Barton - GRADUATE

    Kellie Barton - GRADUATE

    Test & Methods Design Engineer - Thales Aerospace

    UP UNTIL NOW Before I joined Thales, I’d completed a...

  5. Laura McLoughlin - GRADUATE

    Laura McLoughlin - GRADUATE

    Systems Engineer - Thales Aerospace

    UP UNTIL NOW One project I’ve been working on is...

  6. Mark Smalley - GRADUATE

    Mark Smalley - GRADUATE

    Sales and Bid Management - Thales Transportation

    UP UNTIL NOW My first graduate placement was in working...

  7. Charles Harrowing - GRADUATE

    Charles Harrowing - GRADUATE

    Business Development Manager - Thales Space

    UP UNTIL NOW My first taste of Thales was in...

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