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Logo Secret Intelligence Service (MI5)

Secret Intelligence Service (MI5)
Secret Intelligence Service4000GBLondonGreater London
  1. About Secret Intelligence Service (MI5)

    MI5 currently employs around 4,000 people. Around 40% of staff are women, just over half are under 40 years old, 8% are from black or ethnic minority backgrounds and 3% have a disability.

    At any time, several hundred staff may work in MI5 on secondment or attachment from other government departments and agencies.

    Staff roles cover a number of areas including investigations, translation, data analysis, technology, surveillance, communications, information management, protective security, administration, building services and catering.

    MI5’s headquarters are at Thames House, a Grade II listed building situated only a few hundred yards from the Houses of Parliament in London. We also have several regional offices and a headquarters in Northern Ireland.

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