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Openclaims is een innovatief tech-platform waarmee verzekeraars de meest onderscheidende klantervaring in het schadeproces kunnen realiseren en tegelijkertijd significante kosten besparen.20NLAmsterdamAmsterdam
  1. About Openclaims

    Insurance..? We can almost hear you thinking that it must be the least exciting industry to work in. Well, not so much the case at Openclaims though! We believe that insurance actually is one of the most interesting markets to be in, firstly because it is a vital engine of our society which enables stability and economic growth. Secondly, because this industry needs to change fast to keep on track with new customer demands and rapid technological developments. That's where Opanclaims comes in.

    With our innovative software, we help insurers to turn their business upside down and create a truly customer centric claims process. The objective: to gain a fundamental lead on their competition of today and tomorrow. Because the moment Google steps into this market, they need to be ready.

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  3. Why we go to work everyday

    - The people - At the office we feel at home. Laugh a lot. Make friends.
    - The challenge - It is not easy to be a game changer. It requires that we think and act differently than the rest of the world. But the reward is massive.
    - The industry - Fintech is exciting. The combination of tech and creative thinking creates endless possibilities to really change this traditional game.
    - The opportunities - It is impossible to get bored. As we are growing rapidly, everyday new projects need a kick-start. Take your pick.

    - Together we strive to learn as much as possible in a short period of time.
    - We use continuous feedback to stay motivated, keep on track an celebrate successes.
    - We pick cool international summits and conferences to learn from experts and grow our international network.
    - Want to go abroad? We are preparing our expansion to new countries. Go for it!

    - A daily catered lunch at our 6 (!) meter long table
    - BBQ-terrace at our HQ
    - Friday beers at our indoors bar, on the boat or in some obscure café in Amsterdam that we felt needed exploring
    - FIFA contests. Be warned. We take it very seriously.

  4. Our habits of success

    We use these on a day to day basis inside and outside of work. It makes is successful in what we do and keeps us energized.

    We are hungry and act energetically. We make it work and never settle for less.

    We take full responsibility for all outcomes and always challenge ourselves what we can do better to improve outcomes.

    We let positive thoughts drive our work, don’t judge colleagues, clients, partners or suppliers.

    We are aware of the impact that we have on our self and others. We are self-critical.

    We keep our eyes on the ball. Helping customers always comes first.

    We are part of a team so good, that personal relations will be the driver to take each other to the next level.

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