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  1. About INK Strategy

    We are a creative and young design consultancy company located in Amsterdam. We constantly see companies drowning in information complexity and suffering from a lack of needed strategic engagement. Our company works in co-creation with our clients to design compelling visual stories to share in their organisations. After creating a compelling visual story we help to implement the story. We have a number of ways to help implement a strategic story for example coaching storytelling sessions with (change)managers, short hand drawn animations and videos and web platforms for an interactive experience. We create strategic engagement with our clients like PwC, ABN Amro, Heineken, DSM, Arcadis, United Nations and many more. We visualise the shit out of strategy! Hope to see you soon!

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  3. Application Process

    During the application period we will probably ask you meet with us a couple of times to really get to know you. Most likely you will get the chance to sit down with us to have a couple of informal drawing sessions so we can get the feeling of how quickly and motivated your are to learn something new. Our approach in business is a design approach. We expect you to have a passion for drawing with minimal skills that you have developed over the years. If we see that you have potential we can always teach you the next steps to bring you up to a professional level of visual communication. We expect you to bring your portfolio with you to the first meeting and from there we can invite you take part in one of your Friday afternoon drawing sessions that we call Friday th(INK).

  4. Career

    Imagine you wake up in the morning and you get excited about your day because you know that you’ve hit the sweet spot. You get to do something today that really gets you excited because of three things; one, you like doing it, two, you know you’re good at it and three, you get paid to do it. You know that you’ve made the right choices in life at this point in time so stick with it for a while and come and join our team at INK. So look where you are now. You obviously have potential and if you fit the team nicely you are up for the challenge of make a difference at INK. Do you want to be a part of the team on a consistent basis and help the team grow? We will need your help and you need our help and that is why we do everything as a team. During the first six months you will undergo intensive training in the world of visual thinking. We will coach you through everything in our design process so you have a feeling for what you like to do best. You will learn everything from how to draw simple sketches to designing complicated strategic stories. You will learn how to facilitate groups of people that are struggling though their own content. Once you have found your spot in the team you will start to become a visual design consultant that has seen what it takes to implement change in organizations and you will be able to add value to your clients initiatives with in a highly supportive environment. In order to fit in we are willing to give you a professional wage.


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