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B. Startup School Amsterdam
B. Startup School Amsterdam offers you the tools to kickstart your career in Tech. Learn more about our Full-Stack Web Development program at The next program starts November 26.25NLAmsterdamAmsterdam
  1. About B. Startup School Amsterdam

    B. Startup School Amsterdam offers motivated and talented people the tools to kickstart their career in Tech. Within 9 months, consisting of a three-month intensive course and a full-time traineeship, students get the essential skills, connections, and work experience they need to start their first Tech job.

    While studying in the biggest startup eco-system of Europe students get access to cutting-edge knowledge, a set of tools, a dynamic community, and learn and work together with experienced professionals from the industry.

    Next course: Full Stack Web Development with New York Code + Design Academy, November 26.
    For more information, visit

    Full Stack Development // Javascript (next start date July 30th)
    - A 9-month program: 3-months course, followed by a 6-month (paid) traineeship:

    Renowned training institute NYCDA (New York) will educate our students.

    Check if you fit the criteria and apply at BSSA.NU.

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  3. Courses

    Full Stack Web development by The New York Code + Design Academy (9 months)
    At The New York Code + Design Academy, we believe anyone can and should learn to program. The future is built with creativity and code, and we teach aspiring developers how to compete in the exciting world of web development: JavaScript.

    Growth Hacking ­Digital Marketing by THE TALENT INSTITUTE (7 months)
    Growth Hackers utilise analytical thinking, product engineering and creativity to significantly
    increase their company’s core metrics and are of major value. Becoming a Growth Hacker is, however, something you don’t necessarily learn at school. The BSSA growth hacking marketing course is filling this gap and prepares you to become a full­stack, self­sufficient marketer, whose aim is to help companies to skyrocket their customer base.

    Digital Content Creation by THE TALENT INSTITUTE (7 months)
    A content creator focuses on creative marketing methods like online video, photoshop, copywriting and how to implement a social media strategy. Within this course, you will learn the basics of SEO, SEA, growth hacking and experimental design. After this course, you are a junior online marketer with expanded Digital Content Creation knowledge and skills!

    Digital Innovation by HYPER ISLAND (7,5 months)
    The Digital Innovation programme is an “action learning” (learning-by-doing and learning-by-reflection) course, where it has been designed precisely to foster talents that will meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow. We seek people who are interested and curious in developing their design, technological, management and entrepreneurial skills. We look for those who wants to be constantly challenged, eager to respond to real briefs set by real clients, based on their real needs.

  4. B. Startup School Amsterdam

    Want to know how much fun life at the B. Startup School Amsterdam is?

    Check out our Instagram and facebook!

  5. Criteria

    - Minimum an HBO/WO bachelor’s degree (or higher)
    - Able to walk, talk, work & study in the English language
    - Enthusiastic, self-motivated, eager and a positive thinker
    - Up for a Tech driven career challenge
    - You are NOT allowed to be registered at a University from the first day of the programme, starting September 26th
    B. Startup School Amsterdam is a programme to bridge the gap between the current education system and the industry. Therefore, you have to be graduated before taking part in this programme.

  6. Application

    Apply here!
    Any questions? Send an email to

    Next application deadlines:
    - Full Stack Development // Javascript: 20th of July


    More course dates will follow as we continue to start new courses after these! You can still keep updated by filling in the apply form at the website.

    Don’t worry, filling in the application form does not make you tied to us! We’ll send you info on our next open house that you can visit to find out more about BSSA.

    Any questions? Send an email to
    Great to see your interest!


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