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Sense Glove
We develop the Sense Glove a glove that enables touch in Virtual Reality.5NLDelftDelft
  1. About Sense Glove

    Sense Glove is a Delft based startup that develops tools for Virtual Reality. At Sense Glove we see virtual and augmented reality as enabler an for real world applications. Our believe is that providing interactions with objects and persons equal to those in the real world is the only way to fully utilise the potential of VR and AR. That is why we are creating the Sense Glove; The Sense Glove provides the most natural interaction in virtual and augmented reality. With the Sense Glove virtual objects are brought to live, you can feel, touch and interact with them as if they are real.

    The Sense Glove is an exoskeleton glove that enables touch in Virtual Reality. The Glove is originally developed as a medical device for hand rehabilitation. By measuring 16 degrees of freedom of the hand it accurately tracks the movement. Small servomotors will restrict the motion of your hand when a virtual object is touched. The exoskeleton can be kept as small as possible due to the Z linkages that fold inward, all natural movements of the hand can be performed when the glove is worn.

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  3. Sense Glove Culture

    Sense Glove is located in Yes! Delft, the largest tech incubator in Europe. We have our own workshop where we have all the equipment to prototype. We also like our “Friday afternoon projects” for example: we made an open hardware 3d printable arm exoskeleton and an elbow exoskeleton controlled by a hobby computer brain interface.

    Working at Sense Glove means a lot of flexibility and own responsibilities. Due to the size of our team everyone knows where the others are working on. That is really helpful in getting support of your colleagues.

    We have the policy of: Idea? → Prototype it! And we will see how it fits the mission of Sense Glove

Johannes Luijten

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Johannes Luijten


Johannes his passion is in human robot interactions. Johannes masters the skills of prototyping but is quick learner and it turns out that he his also brilliant in actually bringing...Show more


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