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Babysitting in Het Gooi

Posted 9 Jul 2024
Work experience
2 to 3 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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Where in Het Gooi can you babysit via Charly Cares?

Charly Cares is available everywhere in Het Gooi. That includes: Blaricum, Eemnes, Hilversum, Huizen, Naarden/Bussum, Laren, and ‘s-Graveland. Do you live in one of these places? Then Charly Cares is available to you and you can start babysitting in Het Gooi!

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The benefits of babysitting in Het Gooi

Via our user-friendly app, you can look through the babysitting services on offer yourself, or you'll get personally invited by parents. You can choose between varying shifts that last a day (flexible babysitting). If you prefer to schedule things in advance, choose fixed babysitting services for the same familie on fixed days and times. Babysitting in Het Gooi - it's all up to you!

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This is what you'll need to babysit in Het Gooi

Everyone over the age of 15 is welcome to start working via Charly Cares. In addition, we ask the following. Does this sound like you?

  • Relevant (babysitting) experience with children

  • References from families for whom you have babysat before

  • A social and caring character

I want to babysit!

How the registration process for babysitting in Het Gooi works

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Everything complete?

Then you can start babysitting in Het Gooi. Have fun!

Meet Jasmijn, Babysitting Angel in Het Gooi

“Babysitting via Charly Cares is super easy to combine with my law degree at the University of Utrecht. A friend of mine told me about Charly Cares and how much she likes it, so I signed up and am now once again busy babysitting!”

I want to babysit!

Leann from 's-GravenhageJune 27, 2024

“Was a pleasure!”

Noelle from NaardenJune 27, 2024

“Leuke gezellige kinderen! Fijn gezin om bij op te passen.”

Effi from AmsterdamJune 27, 2024


Mina from 's-GravenhageJune 27, 2024


Annejet from AmsterdamJune 27, 2024

“Jade was very clear about everything. I knew exactly what Amelie needed, as she could also tell me herself!”

Manar from UtrechtJune 27, 2024

“Super gezellig ?”

Mercedes from AmsterdamJune 27, 2024

“Nice family”

Rosa-Anne from HaarlemJune 26, 2024

“Nice family :)”

Catalina from MuiderbergJune 26, 2024

“Heel lief kindje!”

Temmy from AmsterdamJune 26, 2024

“Ernesto is so easy to handle, a lovely calm boy! I would love to come back. The parents are also sooo nice”

Agnes from AmsterdamJune 26, 2024

“Very nice family:)”

Isabella from HaarlemJune 26, 2024

“Lieve mensen. Komen hun afspraken na. En een heel lief zoontje!”

Zhila from AmsterdamJune 26, 2024

“Was erg gezellig lieve leuke enthousiaste kinderen! Tot de volgende jeer”

Luciana from AmsterdamJune 25, 2024

“Such a sweet family with their son. Very kind and they are just a short message away if you would need them. Also have the cutest dog you can pet”

Emily from AmsterdamJune 25, 2024

“It was lovely as always”

Lilian from Den HaagJune 25, 2024

“Very kind, peaceful and attending why my questions”

Zuzanna from AmsterdamJune 25, 2024


Sterre from HilversumJune 24, 2024


Safa from UtrechtJune 24, 2024

“Fijn gezin”

grace from HaarlemJune 24, 2024

“Sol is so sweet & lovely !!”

Yllana from AmsterdamJune 24, 2024

“George is a super sweet baby! Super nice fam too!”

Mina from 's-GravenhageJune 24, 2024

“A super nice family”

Andrea from AmsterdamJune 24, 2024


Angie from AmsterdamJune 23, 2024


Maaike from 's-GravenhageJune 23, 2024

“A very sweet family!”

Manuela from AmsterdamJune 22, 2024

“Always a pleasure !”

Floor from AmsterdamJune 22, 2024

“Very nice family!”

Babet from AmsterdamJune 22, 2024

“Very kind children and mom!”

Lina from AmsterdamJune 22, 2024

“they were so nice!”

Puck from AmsterdamJune 22, 2024

“Lovely family :)”

Pauline from 's-GravenhageJune 22, 2024

“Thanks again :)”

Tara from AmsterdamJune 21, 2024

“The kids were very sweet and listened well!”

Tara from AmsterdamJune 21, 2024

“Lieve familie :)”

Ikram from LeidenJune 21, 2024

“It was a nice evening. The kids were very kind :)”

grace from HaarlemJune 21, 2024

“Great as always”

Touda from 's-GravenhageJune 21, 2024

“Great and warm family as usual and lovely girls!”

Zuzanna from AmsterdamJune 21, 2024


Jayna from OostzaanJune 21, 2024

“Nice family great kid!”

Florianne from AmsterdamJune 21, 2024


Touda from 's-GravenhageJune 21, 2024

“I had a great time with the adorable baby!”

Pauline from 's-GravenhageJune 20, 2024

“Perfect :)”

Touda from 's-GravenhageJune 20, 2024

“Had a great time with the girls!”

Esther from RotterdamJune 20, 2024

“Very sweet family! Even brought me to the station.”

Adina from AmsterdamJune 19, 2024

“So nici to see sasha , know him from a baby and now such an amazing boy”

Jasmin from HaarlemJune 19, 2024

“Everything went so good”

Touda from 's-GravenhageJune 19, 2024

“Very warm and friendly family!”

Mina from 's-GravenhageJune 19, 2024

“Really nice girls and super nice environment:)”

Andrea from AmsterdamJune 19, 2024

“Good as always ❤️”

Zuzanna from AmsterdamJune 19, 2024


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Frequently asked questions about babysitting in Het Gooi

Do I need babysitting experience in order to become an Angel?

Yes, you will need to have at least 2 years of babysitting experience. Charly Cares always requires at least 2 references from families for whom you've babysat before.

What will my interview at Charly Cares look like?

During the interview, we would like to briefly get to know you and what type of babysitter you are, and, of course, your babysitting experience. You schedule a one-hour time slot during which we will call you. We expect you to be available during this hour. If you don't answer, we'll assume you're not interested and you won't be able to complete your application.Did you miss the call, but would still like to babysit through Charly Cares? Send us a Whatsapp.

More on the interview

How much will I earn as a Babysitting Angel?

As a Babysitting Angel, you can choose your own hourly rate. The app shows what other people of your age in your area have chosen. You can set two hourly rates: for day and evening services. You can always have a look at your hourly rate in the app under ‘Profile’ and change it whenever you want to.

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Ons hoofdkantoor bevindt zich in het centrum van Amsterdam, waar wij samenwerken met een jong, enthousiast en gedisciplineerd team. Samen is ons doel om onze ouders en Oppas Angels, zowel online als offline, de ultieme gebruikerservaring te leveren.

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12 employees
30% men - 70% women
Average age is 27 years