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Data analyst

Posted 8 Jul 2024
Work experience
0 to 7 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
€70,000 - €95,000 per month
Degree level
Required language
English (Fluent)

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Why choose Eneco? We want to accelerate the energy transition. With our ambitious ‘One Planet plan’, we have made it clear that by 2035, we aim to be the first energy company to become CO2-neutral. No more reliance on natural gas! The entire Netherlands is making the switch. Towards smarter, cleaner, and more sustainable energy. Everyone has their own reasons for doing so. Some want to contribute to a better climate, others switch because their neighbors are doing it, or because they find joy in saving energy, and we're doing it now!

At Eneco, we want to help everyone to take the next sustainable step. And we are looking for the best people who can make that possible. People who are enthusiastic about our mission of 'sustainable energy for everyone' and who want to further develop their talents at Eneco. We want everyone to be able to participate effortlessly in the energy transition. This can only happen if we better assist our customers, remove barriers for them to become more sustainable by listening and understanding their true needs.

Digital innovations help the market align supply and demand and make it as easy as possible for users. Data plays a crucial role in this. From the Data & Technology Services department, we are working to make Eneco a data-driven organization that bases its decisions and actions on customer, product, asset, and market data.

Our Data Services department is responsible for executing data projects for the Business and fueling the growth of data capabilities by acting as an incubator for the development of data products. You have a pivotal role in multiple projects.

  • You translate the requirements from the Business into data driven solutions where you'll be designing data models (e.g., Canonical, Data Vault, Data Mart) that supports these requirements.
  • Activities of the Data Analyst are primarily scoped on translating data, reporting and dashboard requirements to suitable data & analytics solutions for business usage.
  • The Data Analyst is a critical thinker who keeps on asking 'why' questions until it is completely clear what the Business wants to achieve.
  • Drafting and proposing business requirements and (non) functional requirements regarding required data products.
  • Translates requirements into appropriate functional specifications and functional designs into Data & Analytics solutions and, where necessary, applies prototyping as a basis for business acceptance and technical implementation of the data solutions.
  • Designing (logical) data models in line with Eneco's Canonical Data Model to support the realization or adjustment of the (technical) data models (Data Vault, Data Marts) in our data platform.
  • Providing stakeholders with proactive advice on new or existing data solutions and, together with architecture, ensures the application of the correct solution direction.
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience as a data or information analyst
  • Strong experience with SQL.
  • Deep understanding of business concepts, processes and data entities
  • Solid experience with data analysis, information analysis and business/process analysis
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with the application of data concepts, data models and data warehouse concepts
  • Excellent communication skills and good command of the English language, spoken and written

Data & Technology Services has multiple departments; Data Services has 3 teams – an enterprise datamanagement team, a data analytics team and a data engineer team. You will be part of the data analytics team that assist the business in using the various parts of the Enterprise Data Platform effectively to create customer and business value.

We understand that you may want to learn more before taking the next step in your career. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to our recruiter, Mark van Dommelen. Whether you have questions about the interview process, the specific duties and responsibilities of the role, or are simply curious about the company culture, we are here to answer all your inquiries.
For the recruitment of this position, we prefer to handle the process internally and do not wish to collaborate with external parties.

Eneco heeft als missie 'duurzame energie van iedereen'. Samen met onze klanten en partners versnellen we de energietransitie en zorgen we ervoor dat mensen zelf hun eigen duurzame energie kunnen opwekken, gebruiken, opslaan of delen. We lopen voorop in duurzaamheid en innovatie. Dat maakt het werken bij Eneco afwisselend en uitdagend.

Active in 4 countries
3,000 employees
50% men - 50% women
Average age is 35 years