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The smart network where hbo and wo students find their internship and first job.

Junior Project Controller

Posted 19 Jul 2024
Work experience
0 to 7 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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Cost savings. More efficient and more flexible processes. A stress-free handover that lets you focus on your core business ... The advantages of outsourcing are well known. Nevertheless, some directors hesitate to outsource any processes because they worry that this might mean the loss of in-house knowledge, or because they simply feel it’d be safer to keep everything in-house. Our goal is to strengthen your organisation, not make it dependent on outsourcing. This is why we offer you the level of involvement that feels most comfortable to you and your organisation, with firm commitments, teams that are motivated to keep your interests at heart, and guaranteed continuity. We also provide a regular point of contact for you to have face-to-face consultations with at least once a week to discuss progress, service quality and areas for potential improvement. This is something our customers tell us they greatly appreciate, and it’s one of the distinguishing qualities of the service we’ve provided for years to clients like the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Schiphol Group, Toshiba and the VU University medical center

When you approach us with a view to outsourcing your administrative processes, the first thing we do is work closely with you to examine the business case for doing so, along with the deliverables. That way the cost benefits are crystal clear, as are our guaranteed KPIs and SLAs. Only then do we unburden you of the agreed processes. Our specialists implement the processes on-site during the first few months of the arrangement in order to familiarise themselves with the inner workings of your organisation and engage in informed discussions with you about the operational instructions and potential areas for improvement. Once everyone’s in complete agreement, we commence with the transition.

Profource is equipped to manage a range of services on your behalf, such as credit and debt control, cash management and master data management. We do this with a carefully selected team of enthusiastic young professionals steeped in knowledge of finance and adept at using Oracle and other ERP systems. They function as a true team – acting as backup for one another – and are renowned in the field for their professional standards, productivity and adaptability. We handle periods of peak activity effortlessly, and have the human resources to ensure same-day uninterrupted capacity in the event of sick leave. You don’t have to lift a finger; we arrange everything.

Profource is ISAE 3402 certified, which means our internal controls comply with internationally recognised standards.

Vincent Managing Director

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It was almost impossible to distinguish between our own employees and those of Profource. They all worked together to achieve their goals; a true team effort.



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Jij bent nieuwsgierig en analytisch. Je deelt graag jouw bevindingen en ervaringen binnen de Finance & IT Consulting, om samen doelen te bereiken. Jij hebt ambitie en gaat verder daar waar anderen zouden stoppen. Met jouw vooruitstrevende blik en onze opleidingen, Traineeships en innovatieve opdrachten is niks jou onbekend. Deuren gaan voor je open, omdat jij een hands-on mentaliteit hebt. Met jouw gedurfde aanpak creëer je kansen en behaal je resultaat. En het succes? Dat vieren we samen!

Finance & Banking
Active in 1 country
300 employees
60% men - 40% women
Average age is 28 years