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Pension providers

Posted 22 May 2024
Work experience
0 to 7 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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As a pension administrator, you are in a time of radical transitions. The trend towards a scale increase can confront you with capacity concerns. Developments in digitisation and the increasing role of Big Data analytics require additional expertise. Employers and employees demand perfect execution and optimal transparency. Who do you turn to for reliable advice, additional capacity, and expertise or a second opinion? As an experienced knowledge organisation, Triple A knows your challenges.

Calculate, check and perform. It is a delicate process, in which you want to eliminate all chances of error. How long has it been since you tested your systems, models, and procedures for any weaknesses? What about uniformity and validation? At various pension administrators, our inventories, and analyses resulted in remarkable proposals and measures for improvement. These resulted in insightful and reliable processes and models. You can also benefit from this experience.

Complete annual support

Traditionally, the pressure on your organisation is enormous in the first half of each year. Triple A - Risk Finance is set up for this annual work cycle. Our experts are ready to assist, either as a backup or for the entire period. We are committed to your schedules, no matter how ‘impossible’ they may seem. Do you have time and work pressures? With us, you can count on solid planning and performance agreements.Our actuaries and economists are comfortable in pension and insurance products. They master the processes that underlie efficient and secure execution. Our capacity and expertise offer the required scope to provide tailor-made assistance, both incidentally and structurally. We offer precision and effectiveness in all your critical processes. Whether this is determining your diversity of pension obligations or drawing up the required financial statements, profit source analyses and reporting statements. We will also take care of the realisation of the Internal Actuarial Report.

Ad-interim Project Management

Unavoidable deadlines and set-in-stone schedules get the adrenaline of your employees flowing. Every discipline and every department contributes to the desired result. Is management at departmental level satisfactory? Is there sufficient oversight, insight, and control? We are happy to provide experts with demonstrable management qualities, driven by knowledge of the pension world, to help provide extra guidance if needed for the desired project duration.

De actuarissen en risk professionals van Triple A - Risk Finance zijn gespecialiseerd in het adviseren en ondersteunen van verzekeraars, banken en pensioenfondsen op het gebied van risicomanagement en compliance (wet-en regelgeving).
Deze bedrijfspagina is automatisch gegenereerd en bevat daarom nog weinig informatie. Je vindt meer informatie over ‘bedrijfsnaam’ op hun website: ‘’Carrierewebsite’’

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