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traineeships in Rotterdam

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Traineeships in Rotterdam

If you are looking for a traineeship in Rotterdam, you have come to the right place. provides an up-to-date overview of the traineeships that are currently open for application in Rotterdam.

Different types of traineeships

A lot of different types of traineeships are offered in Rotterdam. Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe, so you can obviously find traineeships at harbor companies like Broekman, but there are also lots of employers in Rotterdam that are active in a completely different niche, like Dept and Coolblue. A lot of these companies offer marketing traineeships, sales traineeships and IT traineeships.

English traineeships in Rotterdam

A lot of traineeships in Rotterdam are offered in Dutch, but there are also traineeships that are offered in English like the traineeship at Samskip. If it's not clear from the job description if the traineeship is in English or Dutch, just send the recruitment team a message on to ask.

Employers that offer a traineeship in Rotterdam

Find some employers that offer traineeships in Rotterdam below.

  1. Gemeente Rotterdam
  2. EY
  3. Samskip
  4. YER
  5. Unilever

Traineeships in Rotterdam for university graduates

Rotterdam is home to one of the best universities in the Netherlands: the Erasmus University Rotterdam. If you're a graduate of the Erasmus University and looking for a traineeship in Rotterdam, you have plenty of options. Given the fact that corporations in Rotterdam are active in many different industries, there are opportunities for graduates with any degree. Also if you've graduated from a different university, you have multiple options.

Traineeships in Rotterdam for HBO graduates

Also for students graduating from a HBO institution (or university of applied sciences), there are a lot of traineeships in Rotterdam available. A lot of HBO graduates go on to work in sales traineeships, but also IT traineeships are very popular among HBO graduates.

When should I apply for a traineeship in Rotterdam?

Most traineeships in Rotterdam start around September or around February. Some traineeships in Rotterdam start at two different times of the year. Make sure to stay updated on the application deadlines of traineeships in Rotterdam. These are displayed on the relevant opportunity pages on

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