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Overview of engineering internships near The Hague

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  1. Internship

    Delft, Netherlands

    The role of the material’s expert is to be aware and knowledgeable of the materials used in the Delft plant. The raw material’s expert will be responsible of: Creating a matrix of raw materials used in Delft central database and cross checking it wi...

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  3. Internship

    The Hague, Netherlands

    WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING? A phase locked loop (PLL) is used in frequency synthesizers to achieve high frequency accuracy and is commonly implemented as a single-stage solution. Using instead a cascaded PLL architecture is promising as it can reduce jit...

  4. Internship

    The Hague, Netherlands

    WAT GA JE DOEN? Onderwater is het gebruik van geluid eigenlijk de enige manier om over wat grotere afstanden signalen te kunnen sturen en ontvangen. Dat hebben de walvissen goed begrepen. De mens is echter nog volop bezig om de vele technieken te ver...

  5. Internship

    Delft, Netherlands

    WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING? Hydrogen (H2) economy can bring the radical step for realizing the energy transition towards a low carbon future. H2 is currently used in petrochemical refining, polymerization and fertilizer production. In future, H2 can be p...

  6. Internship

    The Hague, Netherlands

    WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING? The Sustainable Urban Mobility and Safety (SUMS) department investigates the impact of mobility on our society. Our work and expertise covers both the technical domain, e.g. how existing traffic models can be adapted to accoun...

  7. Internship

    Delft, Netherlands

    WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING? Managing of the aging civil infrastructure poses a significant challenge to every industrially advanced country. Early detection of damage and real time monitoring of the state of structures are of utmost importance for econom...

  8. Internship

    Delft, Netherlands

    Wil je meewerken aan de ontwikkeling van innovatieve producten en diensten? Ben je op zoek naar werk of een stageplek? Of heb je altijd al willen ondernemen en ben je benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden? Abel Sensors ontwerpt en ontwikkelt nieuwe producte...

  9. Internship

    Rijswijk, Netherlands

    WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING? In the conventional synthesis of energetic materials, mixtures of acids are used in the nitration step, and large waste streams of spent acid are generated. Electrochemical synthesis is considered a method that is environmenta...

  10. Internship

    Delft, Netherlands

    Nowi has developed a break-though 'energy harvesting' chip. This chip enables us to power all sorts of devices indefinetly with external power sources like light, temperature or movement. We are working with international companies on projects rangin...

  11. Internship

    Delft, Netherlands

    We are looking for motivated students interested in the areas of Production Engineering, Materials & Design and R&D Engineering. As an Intern, you'll work independently, and under direct supervision of the Chief Technology Officer. Working on existin...