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Overview of inhouse days

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What is an inhouse day?

An inhouse day is an event organized by companies in order to show the inside of the company as well as how it works, what the atmosphere is like and a sneak peak of what your potential colleagues do on a daily basis. So if you're interested in receiving a tour of the office, a presentation by senior management and topping it off with drinks at the end of the day, make sure to apply for inhouse days on and perhaps you'll meet your new employer.

Most popular companies that offer an inhouse day:

  1. KLM inhouse days and other opportunities
  2. Calco inhouse days and other opportunities
  3. Heineken inhouse days and other opportunities
  4. Deloitte inhouse days and other opportunities
  5. Unilever inhouse days and other opportunities

Most popular areas to do an inhouse day in:

  1. Inhouse days Amsterdam
  2. Inhouse days Rotterdam
  3. Inhouse days The Hague
  4. Inhouse days Utrecht
  5. Inhouse days Netherlands

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