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Overview of graduate schemes near Belfast

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    Assurance Graduate Programme - Belfast

    EY UK

    EY UK

    Posted 9 October 2020


    Belfast, GB


    Belfast, GB

    What is Assurance at EY? We work to make sure that businesses are protected from risks that can affect their reputation and performance. As external auditors, we help companies and governments publish accurate financial accounts others can rely on – ...

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What is a graduate scheme?

A graduate scheme is a training programme which provides recent graduates with hands-on practical experience with a company, giving them a head-start into the working world. It involves a very structured training period. You have the potential to take on a few different roles and placements in different areas of the company during your time there.

When do graduate schemes start?

Starting dates vary from company to company but often the application process for a graduate scheme begins in September of your final year. The start dates then for the successful candidates are usually the following September.

How long does a graduate scheme last?

A graduate scheme programme usually lasts one to possibly three years and will involve a series of placements and rotations within the company, giving you the chance to explore which direction you might want to pursue in your future career.

Why do a graduate scheme?

A graduate scheme can serve as a great entry-level position for recent graduates. It can also serve as a valuable experience that will help you decide which career path is right for you. Also, graduate schemes often offer training, personal development and mentorship, so you will benefit from the ability to quickly progress onto higher roles within a company. You also communicate with people at different positions which will help you build a good network and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of others.

Who can do a graduate scheme?

Graduate schemes are mostly suitable for graduates. Different companies look for different criteria. Most commonly, companies look for graduates with a 2.1 or higher, but some consider applicants with a 2.2 grade point average given that they are able to back up their skills with extracurricular activities or other valuable experiences.

Types of graduate schemes

There are multiple types of graduate schemes, in various different sectors for graduates to choose from. Organisations adjust their programmes to the needs of their graduate and of their organisation. Popular types of graduate schemes are HR graduate schemes, marketing graduate schemes, and finance graduate schemes. We have them all on so check them out.

Most popular companies that offer a graduate scheme:

  1. NHS graduate schemes and other opportunities
  2. Aldi graduate schemes and other opportunities
  3. Barclays graduate schemes and other opportunities
  4. MI5 graduate schemes and other opportunities
  5. HSBC graduate schemes and other opportunities

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