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What is an event?

An event organized by a company can take the form of a business course, a masterclass, a workshop or another career event.

How long is an event?

Depending on the type of event the company is doing, it can be one day (a masterclass) or multiple days (a business course).

Who can take part in an event?

Companies organise events, like business courses, masterclasses, workshops and other career events for students and graduates in order to get to know potential candidates. Big firms like Philis, ING, BCG and Unilever often organize events such as workshops. Companies like TOPdesk, YSE and Houthoff have lunch or coffee events and meet & greets that one can go to.

When are events held?

Events are held year-round depending on the company. Most often they take place between September and June but there are some during the summer period as well.

Why attend a company event?

For you, attending a company event is a great way to get to know some graduate employers better. It can be beneficial for networking purposes or simply for talking to recruiters too.

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