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VTTI is a fast-growing independent provider of energy storage worldwide. VTTI currently offers over 9 million cubic meters of combined storage capacity across 5 continents. VTTI’s terminals are strate1000NLRotterdamRotterdam
  1. About VTTI

    VTTI operates a network of bulk logistics assets around the world. We do so in a manner that is safe, environmentally sound and commercially advantageous for our customers and shareholders.We comply with all local legislation but are also committed to meet the highest international standards of our industry. The Company’s growth will be achieved on three fronts: expanding existing assets, acquiring new ones and developing greenfield opportunities. Although our terminals and locations vary considerably, our standards don’t. We operate to uniform standards of safety, integrity and professionalism wherever we do business. The evolution of VTTI VTTI is owned 50% by the Vitol Group, the international energy trading group, and 50% by MISC Berhad of Malaysia.

    The VTTI network has grown rapidly, both by acquisition and expansion, as we seek to give our customers the best possible competitive advantage. Flexibility Ethos At VTTI, we are much more than providers of passive assets such as tanks, pipes and storage. Rather, we play an active role in helping our customers to maximise the value of their cargoes. Our customers identify imbalances in the worldwide supply of fuels, and focus on realising opportunities that will achieve the best price. In turn, this places real demands on their own supply chain, and they look to VTTI to help them create the precise specifications needed, in the right quantities, at the right time and in the right place. This demands capacity, certainly, and complete professionalism along the key trading routes of the world. But it also requires people with commercial skills, initiative and an entrepreneurial psyche that matches our clients’ own.

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  3. Health & Safety & Environment

    Health & Safety & Environment

    The nature of our business means that we operate in a challenging industrial environment. Not only that, we also receive, transload and store millions of cubic metres of hydrocarbons. Therefore, our HSE policy is both clear and embedded in our culture, and no other objective may override the fact that: we will continue to manage safety in our business by ensuring that our staff take ownership of this imperative, based on risk-based thinking; and we believe in sustainable entrepreneurship: we will carry out and grow our business in a way that respects our environment and minimises our impact on it. VTTI is a relatively young company. We have grown through acquisition, in locations spread all over the world. So although we comply with all local legislation, our focus now is to raise every operating unit to the greater challenge of achieving best industry standards. In every terminal, we are working towards a single, optimum VTTI standard. But although the destination is the same, the routes to get there vary considerably. The working cultures of, say, Latvia, Nigeria and Argentina could not be more different – and so, therefore, is the way our central framework is tailored and adapted for each. To support our strategy, we commissioned Shell Global Solutions to carry out an expert and fully independent review of our plants. We are now implementing upgrades and improvements to our processes accordingly.

  4. Responsibility


    At VTTI we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. For us, this means respecting our customers, suppliers and partners and the communities in which we operate. It is also about good governance - how we run our business, the standards that we apply across all our operations, how we manage financial and business risk, as well as how we manage our impact on the environment. Our responsibility to safety and the environment VTTI is focused on the highest standards of safety. This applies to our employees, contractors, visitors and neighbours. Our awareness and training procedures ensure that all employees treat safety as their most important responsibility. We are fully committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment through both our operational procedures and the use of the most appropriate and effective technology. Our responsibility to our people Equality of opportunity is central to our culture. We are a truly global business serving a diverse customer base throughout the world. It is critical that we attract, retain and develop diverse talent to best serve these customers. For us, being diverse is not optional; it is what we must be. We recognise that talent and ability are not monopolised by any one gender, race, culture or creed. We provide a supportive, meritocratic environment in which everyone can reach his or her full potential. Though we may hire dozens of people in any given year, we select talent individually. Our performance review process is as developmental as it is evaluative and where appropriate we invest in or provide training programmes to help ensure our people realise their full potential.

  5. Career Opportunities

    Career Opportunities

    Owning vast quantities of steel does not, in itself, make a great terminal company. Nor indeed do prime locations. It is people who drive our success and this is something VTTI recognised from day one. We have attracted and nurtured a pool of exceptional talent on the basis that everyone in our team needs to be a high performer. Our business model, based on lean efficiency and competitive services to our clients, demands it. We believe this also makes VTTI a great place to work. For proven people, responsibility comes quickly: we look to harness the talents of entrepreneurs and self-starters, and we give them an exciting stage on which to perform. We’re a meritocracy; our HR practice is based on demonstrated talent, competencies and performance. Our structure is flat, and as an expanding global company we offer exciting and challenging career paths.


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