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  1. About Vesselbot

    We are abnormal! If you are not don't bother to apply. We are always looking for individuals with knowledge and experiences identical to our corporate needs; but most importantly are looking for individuals matching our culture of innovation, our passions, individuals who “breaks through the noise”, who share their ideas, who stick to the cause and are willing to go the extra mile when required. We are looking for individual from whom we can learn from, who are always eager to acquire further knowledge and are always open to new theories, and experiences. Fun relaxed environment, in a buzzy accelerator in the heart of innovation happening at Erasmus Center of Entrepreneurship.

  2. Who we are

    VesselBot is a SaaS enabled chartering marketplace that brings strategic, operational and financial benefits to Vessel Owners and Charterers. Through the usage of technology VesselBot enables its users to identify the best possible counterparty, utilizing the least company resources, at significantly lower cost from traditional chartering houses.

    Our culture: Dynamic, innovative, open, collaborative, easy going, buoyant atmosphere would be the traits to characterize us.

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