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  1. About Unibet UK

    About Unibet UK

    Unibet is one of the largest online gambling operators in Europe; offering sports betting (pre-match and live), casino games, bingo and poker to over 13.5 million registered customers in more than 100 countries.

    We are a digital leader, with more than 17 years’ experience in providing safety and pioneering development in the digital world.

    We are a regulated operator and hold licences in several European Union countries (France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy and the UK) as well as Australia. We are now publically-listed company on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange with offices throughout the world; including Sweden, Malta and the UK.

    Responsible Gaming is very important to us – we understand the risks, and as such we are a founding member of the European Gaming & Betting Association and a leading driver of the EU Responsible Gaming Day in EU Parliament. Since our launch, we have invested more than €200m to the development of a secure and reliable platform – providing a safe customer environment. We make annual contributions to organisations that help the prevention and treatment of problem gambling and are committed to being transparent.

    Our innovative Player Safety Early Detection System (PS-EDS) analyses individual customer behaviour to ensure you stay in control and to detect, at a very early stage, potential problem behaviour. It supports the education and information of our customers about the best possible tools we offer to control their gambling behaviour and provide a secure and entertaining experience.

    Online safety is also something we take very seriously. Our dedicated security team monitor threats in order to proactively counter any suspicious activity, making sure no one can access your details. We're proud of our reputation as a trusted site and continue to work to ensure you can enjoy gaming with us in confidence.

    Based on a motto of ‘By Players, For Players', we continually strive to put customers at the centre of our business with a focus on delivering an outstanding client experience. Our hard work and dedication has been rewarded with numerous accolades over the years.

  2. Short Facts

    - Unibet Group is one of the largest online gambling operators in the European market with over 13.5 million customers worldwide.

    - Unibet Group is one of Europe’s leading providers in Moneytainment, operating in 21 different languages in more than 100 countries.

    - Unibet Group offers pre-game sports betting, live betting, racing, poker, casino and games and bingo through several subsidiaries and brands.

    - While Unibet Group’s core markets are in Europe and Australia, it addresses global markets excluding only territories that Unibet Group has consistently blocked for legal reasons such as the USA, Turkey and similar markets.

    - Unibet Group plc is a company incorporated in Malta with registered number C 39017.

    - Unibet Group is certified by G4, Global Gaming Guidance Group, complying with their Code of Practice in relation to responsible gambling.

    - Unibet Group is certified to be compliant with eCOGRA’s standards.

    - Unibet Group is a member of European Gaming and Betting Association and Remote Gambling Association.

  3. Our CEO

    Our CEO

    Henrik Tjärnström became Unibet CEO in 2010 having previously been a member of the Board of Directors and CFO from 2008.

    Henrik is determined to help the brand continue to grow while keeping players at the heart of the business. Through investments in our products, we intend to provide a rewarding gaming platform along with industry leading customer satisfaction.

  4. Luck is no coincidence

    “Watch our 3 Unibet bettors spot intelligent insights in sporting action to work out what will happen next”

  5. Corporate Social Responsibility - Objectives

    Corporate Social Responsibility - Objectives

    · Continue to use the latest scientific evidence to help in the detection of potential problem gambling behaviour
    · Provide support to national gambling organisations in local environments
    · Provide players with the best possible support tools, such as deposit/spending limits and self-exclusion
    · Be organised internally to ensure a holistic approach to player safety
    · Ensure maximum channelling to local licences to enable effective player protection
    · Promote re-regulation that is fact based and aligned to existing player demand and the global digital economy
    · Pursue a constructive dialogue with the authorities and be an active partner in the EU Action Plan on online gambling including the July 2014 recommendation on consumer protection, both towards national and EU stakeholders

    Playing in our ENVIRONMENT
    · Replace each item of IT hardware at the end of its useful life with a more efficient equivalent
    · Be innovative in reducing our footprint
    · To reduce total CO2 emissions year-on-year until 2017
    · To completely offset CO2 emissions from flights by 2017
    · To achieve excellence in our annual Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) disclosure score
    · To seek and implement ways to improve the quality and regularity of our carbon emission reporting

    Playing in our communities
    · To provide opportunities and support for employees to give their time and expertise to community projects
    · To increase the numbers of our employees fundraising with matched funding
    · Target a year-on-year increase in employee satisfaction as measured by Employee Surveys
    · Promote a healthy working culture for all of our employees

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