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At Tutor Doctor, our private tutors understand how important education is. We have a distinct process with which we help to ensure children's success.2500GBGloucesterGloucestershire
  1. About Tutor Doctor

    About Tutor Doctor

    It all began with a simple revelation—the classroom setting is often unable to sufficiently unlock the true learning potential of each student. Tutor Doctor was created 15 years ago to not just provide basic tutoring sessions that serve as another classroom, but personalized tutoring that takes into consideration each student’s unique learning style. This approach set Tutor Doctor apart in an educational industry that often fell into conformity.

    We immediately produced success for students who had struggled with the rigid educational system and similar tutoring services. We realised our services helped individuals regain their confidence when it came to learning—something we wanted to share with students globally!

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  3. Becoming a Tutor Doctor® Tutor

    Being a Tutor Doctor® tutor is more than just work. When you join our family, you are connecting with something bigger. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of every person we help, and our tutors share that same passion. We are looking for passionate, driven, knowledgeable people to partner with us and put our students on the road to success.

    At Tutor Doctor, we have some of the happiest and most satisfied tutors in the business, and it’s easy to see why!

  4. Our Mission and Values

    Our Mission and Values

    Our Mission:

    Through our international network of associates, Tutor Doctor serves as an educational catalyst, delivering academic performance and greater self-esteem, and impacting the lives of tens of thousands of children and students around the world.

    Our values set us apart, and our mission enables us to make a difference.

    These values include the following:

    Our People:
    - We work to foster relationships of mutual respect with our staff, valuing the strengths and contributions that every individual brings. The power of a team and potential of each individual make us an impactful educational force.

    Education & Personal Growth:
    - We approach everything with curiosity, looking for new questions and new answers along the way. Our goal is to improve our performance by continual personal and professional growth, which only happens with regular self-examination.

    Commitment to Innovation:
    - We are leaders and trailblazers in the tutoring industry, constantly reinventing ourselves and our methods to maximise results for students.

    Work Ethic:
    - We want to achieve a great vision, which means we bring great work ethic and effort to everything we do. Our team thrives on working together to accomplish our shared vision.

    - We embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship, with every team member remaining committed to bringing value, profitability, and efficiency to our stakeholders.

    - We are always willing to accept personal and organisational accountability for everything we do. We take ownership and overcome obstacles to obtain positive results.

    Making a Difference:
    - Our success at Tutor Doctor is not measured by just making a profit but by the real difference that we make in the lives of the students and families we work with. Further, we strive to make a real difference through our community outreach program.


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