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  1. About PetroStars SPX Ltd - Small Pools Exploration

    About PetroStars SPX Ltd - Small Pools Exploration

    PetroStars delivers a new breed of engineers and Innovators to the Energy, Raw Materials & Environmental Sectors.
    Our foundation is truly valuing personnel's experiences and development and delivering on our promises. We are owned and managed by UK & Swiss innovators with almost 25 years of experience in the oil and gas sectors with a mission to harmonise industries.

    We currently focus on Northern Europe and Western USA and "Where Our People Want To Go ".
    Our multidisciplinary team, coordinated from Austria bases itself on the pivotal expertise of Well Engineering, Mining & Raw Materials, alongside Project Management & Education.

    Our approach is enabled by working with service providers, operators and regulators as well as NGOs to deliver excellence.
    Next to our daily business we are working in conjunction with several educational institutions to find high potentials for our future endeavors.

    As a global company operating in a very visible market we set high standards of performance and ethical behaviours. We are judged by how we act – our reputation is upheld by how we live up to our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people and their resources . We instill ethical behaviours into our employees and our clients.

    Through the PetroStars Development Academy we are building knowledge banks for high potentials to enable their careers as well as training for engineering life.

  2. Integrity is Everything

    Integrity is Everything

    Any Well, Bore or Site drilled/excavated into the subsurface dictates that engineers behave ethically , safely and with a focus that delivers sustainable resources to the market. At PetroStars we have the experience to help you reach these goals and see that optimum performance can be only achieved by continual operational excellence.

    Our Capabilities:
    At all stages of a project subsurface & well engineering disciplines are required. At Petrostars we go one step further , by bringing experience & a conscious awareness that we are always learning from operations. For all applications from geothermal, hydrogen, water wells to high temperature gas condensate reservoirs

    We Provide :
    - Standard Well Integrity Assessment
    - Ethical Data Assessment - Have you got the right data ?, Are you going to get the right data ?
    - Conventional Geomechanics Studies & Assessments
    - Wellbore Stability & Pressure Prediction with Advanced Drilling Engineering for Well Control
    - Unconventional & Civil Engineering Approaches for Mines, Energy Stores and Leaking Oil & Gas Fields

    Our team has extensive experience of working for all the major Oil Companies as Staff and Service Providers. From Ultra HPHT Drilling to Carbon Storage & Arctic Environmental Areas we will be growing on what matters to the integrity of the Environment

  3. PetroStars Development Academy

    PetroStars Development Academy

    In today's modern IT-driven environment, during a period of much more economical and cultural diversity, Engineering disciplines in the Energy, Mining and Oil & Gas Sectors, PetroStars Academy is here to lift up the key ingredients for Industrial Excellence.

    Whether you are an independent young professional, a Master's or Ph.D candidate, an intern or a fledgeling graduate scheme employee we are here to make you a Rising Star. We can train, coach or support you with your particular needs or you can join other PetroStars Academy members on profit making projects and learn from working at the heart of the industry.

    PetroStars Development Academy also supports International Engineering Link - Leoben.
    For further details, see:

    Rising Stars are high potential people fully committed to their discipline, who are prepared to face their weaknesses and use them to develop a cultural change in engineering and help others get up to new standards of Innovation, Careers, and Studies.

    Becoming a member of the Academy is not like the typical garden of MBA's, CPD or traditional careers guidance at University or Human Resources Competency development. Hard work is the commitment - it takes guts and a focus to realise that fundamental basics need to be in place to make headway. After all do you not wish that you were as patient & committed as the young mechanic who helped you fit a snow chain in the middle of the winter?

  4. Case Studies - The research we do !

    Case Studies - The research we do !

    A Geotechnical Study of harnessing the benefits of OnshoreMarine Soil Improvement in the Petroleum Industry

    In the construction industry, it is standard practice to test samples of a composite nature fully to comprehend the limiting factors of materials for geotechnical solutions. In the offshore petroleum context, soft soil and cement bonding is a key concern for long term site, store and well integrity. With this regard, the placement of cement in shallow clay-rich marine sediment, for long-term asset integrity, we wish to reap in reverse the benefits of lime treatment. It is worth remembering that when we conduct well placement exercises, accurate environmental geohazard assessments are critical for the success of exploration and production well integrity

    Primarily our current work is exploring the possibility of developingimproved cement bonding with shallow marine soils using additional lime and chalk additive, through simple and repeatable testing. The applications are numerous from preventing further liquefaction over time of soils, wellhead and infrastructure subsidence, leak prevention and ensuring an environmentally sustainable solution for offshore use.

    We decided to investigate this further with a focus on the Danish Chalk of the area around Stevn's Klint. In February 2016 the team carried out a rigorous site investigation of outcrops of the Cretaceous strata. The principle objectives being to observe the surface geotechnical aspects and collect enough material for further laboratory testing & petrological description. The next steps are to test hydrates and waxes at Artic Conditions with such soil & lithology to see whether new bio methods of soil stabilisation being proposed by various research houses meet the challenges posed in the Artic, which is of particular importance for Thermal Recovery and Heavy Oil Projects.

  5. SRS - Services

    SRS - Services

    PetroStars ® SRS Services provides a unique opportunity to clients who need reliable, accurate and sustainable production, subsurface management & environmentally sound Reservoir & Geoscience services. While others promise financial trust and official reserves, we see that as a minimum provision that is unsustainable for the next wave of environmentally driven projects where investors are needing confidence that their capital is ensuring that assets are managed to meet the latest standards & Environmental regulations. Ethical and Environmental compliance is just the beginning.

    Engage with us :

    Geomechancics and civil engineering studies in environmentally sensitive basins:
    Injection into soft/unconsolidated reservoirs
    Fractured reservoirs
    Heavy oil and thermal and biological enhancement projects including SAGD
    Open Cast Mining of Oil Shale
    Reservoir engineering for unconventional reservoirs, aquifers and storage sites:
    Production analysis of horizontal multi-staged fractured wells
    Data mining to determine optimal treatment parameters for horizontal multi-stage fractured wells
    Production type curve determination for evaluation and prospecting
    Detailed modeling of all aspects of well performance (from fracture placement to production)
    Assessment of Chemical Stability and PVT & Physical Assessments of Stores . (Nuclear Contamination, Gas, CCS, Hydrogen)
    Our personnel include : Civil Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Geoscientists, Engineering Geologists, Production Technologists, Environmental Scientists and Geotechnical Risk Experts .

    Standard Petroleum Consulting and Geoscience Services:
    These services are also available upon request and are supplied under the conditions that Sustainable and Environmental Assurance & Compliance is a proven project deliverable. This can include FDP, Reserves Audits and Due Diligence services.

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