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  1. About Outside Inc.

    Outside Inc. believes Corporate Social Entrepreneurship is an essential driver for generating new business models, stimulating entrepreneurial behavior and embracing outside-in innovation.

    Within our programs we combine our extensive knowledge, tools and experience on corporate entrepreneurship with our capabilities to use societal and sustainability challenges for engaging and mobilizing (social) “intrapreneurs” within corporates.

    We help corporates to move from a CSR to a CSE (corporate social entrepreneurship) strategy and have developed unique programs to bring innovations forward and launch new products and services with new sustainable earning models.

    Founded in 2013, as a spin-off of Enviu and Kirkman Company, the Outside Inc. mission is to accelerate sustainable innovation by entrepreneurship and grow impact ventures. Today we are a full member of the Powered by Meaning movement and Enviu business community.

  2. WHY - HOW - WHAT

    We believe in Corporate Social Entrepreneurship as a driver for societal change and new sustainable business value.

    WHAT: together with partners and clients we develop and execute ideation, incubation and acceleration programs to re-invent traditional business and grow impact ventures.

    Our partners and clients work with us for the design, set-up and execution of:

    Intrapreneurship programs
    Startup acceleration programs
    Innovation events and bootcamp sessions
    Challenges, hackathons and jams
    Cross-sector innovation programs
    New venture development

    We are always open to discuss the start of new impact-driven initiatives and to develop tailored value propositions in line with our WHY and HOW.

    WHY: we believe in positive impact on society by developing impact ventures outside corporate structures.

    We live in an era of innovation where inventions not only concern technological breakthroughs, but also involve new business models. These inventions contribute to the transition to new economic systems that pursue positive impact on people and planet. Outside Inc. believes in corporations as a driving force behind world-changing innovations. Corporations hold the key for the transition to new economic systems by seeing societal challenges as business opportunities.

    HOW: we are an expert in creating programs for cross-overs between large corporations and start-ups to solve today’s challenges and create new business value.

    We believe that by creating unexpected crossovers between corporates and start-ups we bring the best of both worlds together to accelerate the development and introduction of new and meaningful products and services. We see intrapreneurs and employees as an often undervalued source for new business development and getting the outside-in. By combining their talent, experiences and organisation capabilities with the entrepreneurship, creativity, agility and speed of the ecosystem we empower both, to develop new products and services and to grow impact ventures. See more about are programs and tools at ‘approach‘ page.

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