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Land Life Company
The vision of Land Life Company is to restore the world's 2 billion hectares of degraded land within our lifetime.17NLAmsterdamAmsterdam
  1. About Land Life Company

    Land Life Company was founded in 2013 by former McKinsey partner Jurriaan Ruys and the founder of Bugaboo International, Eduard Zanen. In 2015 Land Life Company won the PostCode Lottery Green Challenge Competition and the Start-up of the Year Award in 2016.

    Our team of 17 professionals from a wide array of backgrounds works in more than 20 countries including the USA, Mexico, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Cameroon where the Cocoon is implemented in large-scale agriculture, landscaping and nature restoration projects.

    We are based in Amsterdam in the beautiful KiT building (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen), with offices overlooking the Oosterpark. The team is young and international, with an informal and friendly atmosphere that includes a daily team lunch.

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  3. Our Vision

    Our beautiful planet gives us so much. But today, more than 2 billion hectares of land is severely degraded. Land Life Company believes that we can restore our planet within our lifetime.

    Our Cocoon planting technology is a low-cost, sustainable and scalable solution to plant trees in arid soils. Together, we can revitalize ecosystems and communities all over the world.

  4. The Cocoon Technology

    The Cocoon Technology

    The innovative COCOON planting technology enables trees and plants to grow in arid conditions, revitalizing land and communities and decreasing the effects of climate change in the world's most vulnerable ecosystems.

    The Cocoon is 10 x cheaper than traditional tree planting, 100% biodegradable and requires NO follow up irrigation or maintenance.

    The Cocoon is designed to support a seedling through its critical first year. By providing water and shelter while stimulating the seedling to produce a healthy and deep root structure, tapping into the sub-surface water supply within its first year. This way, the COCOON produces independant, strong trees which are not reliant on external irrigation and can survive harsh conditions.

    Trees have been planted with the COCOON in more than 20 countries with survival rates of 80-95%.

Willemijn Stoffels

Get to know

Willemijn Stoffels

Director Latin America

Willemijn leads strategy and project development in Latin America. Prior to joining Land Life Company, Willemijn completed part of her degree in Mexico and worked as a consultant at McKinsey...Show more


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