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  1. Ingeborg Mägi

    Ingeborg Mägi

    Research Analyst

    Ingeborg conducts ecological research and supports project implementation. She holds...

  2. Jurriaan



    As CEO, Jurriaan sets out company strategy and direction, oversees...

  3. Rebekah



    Rebekah leads strategy and project development of Cocoon projects in...

  4. Charlotte Jongejan

    Charlotte Jongejan

    Head of Marketing & Communications

    Charlotte shapes and develops communication about Land Life Company projects...

  5. Willemijn Stoffels

    Willemijn Stoffels

    Director Latin America

    Willemijn leads strategy and project development in Latin America. Prior...

  6. Arnout Asjes

    Arnout Asjes

    Director of Operations

    Arnout leads production, implementation and execution of Land Life projects....

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