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Krauthammer International Netherlands B.V.

  1. About Krauthammer International Netherlands B.V.

    About Krauthammer International Netherlands B.V.

    Founded in Switzerland by Eric Krauthammer in 1971 and has since then been motivating people from all around the world. We focus on guiding leaders, managers and (sales) professionals to increase their own vitality. And, via them, the vitality of their organisations. Our core contribution to this end lies in the mastery of behaviour and its conditions. In other words, human interaction and performance. We are convinced that the future belongs to those businesses who deeply integrate so-called ‘soft’ imperatives (health) with ‘hard’ imperatives (wealth). Our vision ‘Bringing out the best in people’, summarizes this dream.

    With offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia, and a bonded network of partners worldwide, we deliver in native languages in more than 50 countries.

    Krauthammer has a fast, international and constantly changing working environment. We are searching for highly initiative taking, creative and ‘out of the box’ minded people who are at the top of their game in these kind of circumstances. Krauthammer offers you a platform to influence, create and implement. Be part of our future, and create your own!

  2. Krauthammer Young Professional Programme

    Krauthammer Young Professional Programme

    Are you looking for an exciting challenge to develop yourself in a way that will make you stand out in any future career path you choose? Would you like to have a position that is more than a job? Where you can be an entrepreneur within a well-known brand? Do you want to use your creativity and strong suit to leave a foot print in tomorrow’s market?

    At Krauthammer we believe everything starts and ends with people. We would like you to start your journey at Krauthammer with a year and a half Young Professional Programme. In this role you will be involved in commercial and marketing activities, gain experience in project and account management and have the opportunity to co-deliver and facilitate behavioural change programmes. After a successful time as a Young Professional, this position could lead to a future role as a consultant.

  3. What do we do?

    Catherine, Daphne and George, all three managers in an international environment, return back to their offices after having spent a training day with Krauthammer. Let's see what happens then?

  4. Krauthammer University

    Twice a year, Krauthammer staff, consultants and clients come together to teach, learn and develop (themselves). Feel the magic of Krauthammer University.


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