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    Our mission is to combine the commercial benefits of access to the international fashion market with bespoke solutions based on a solid technical platform, industry expertise and an innovative approach to doing business on a global basis. will be the marketplace that ensures a smooth and efficient cooperation between Brands and Retailers. Aiming at the fast-fashion segment (mid-pricee clothing), in wearables in the following categories: Apparel, Accessories, Underwear & Lingerie, Swimwear, Active Wear, Shoes, Bags, Denim, Fragrance & Cosmetics. You will be able to showcase collections, replenishment and full assortments. For now, our geographical focus will be on European retailers with an ambition to expand globally.

    Our core technology is use of a digital cloud-based platform developed for B2B. In adition, we provide industry standards for customer relationship management, ordering, tracking, and management of logistics and services – for both sides of the table. Among hundreds of other features and benefits, the platform provides intelligent and self-learning recommendations, intelligent cross-sell and up-sell suggestion and stock-surplus management.

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