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DoToo App
DoToo App is a young startup that maps all the activities available in your area, enables you to sign up for them, pay for them, talk about them and much more. We are targeting B2C and C2C. More soon.4NLDen HaagDen Haag
  1. About DoToo App

    DoToo's goal is to map all the things to do in the world and easily manage them, this sounds broad, it is! We're building a platform that enables anybody to post their activities, from consumers to professionals and businesses. We will change the way people Do stuff Together.

    We will elaborate on this in the near future as our product goes to market.

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  3. DoToo goes to Web Summit 2018

    DoToo goes to Web Summit 2018

    DoToo App just got the great news that they are chosen to participate in the 2018 Lisbon Web Summit ALPHA Programma! We're very delighted with the news and great to have a huge party as Web Summit believe in our startup!

Boris Kamp

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Boris Kamp

Co-Founder & CEO

Young entrepreneur from the 90's, loves his work, friends & family, to workout, movies & series, traveling and gadgets....Show more


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