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  1. About BorrowMyDoggy

    BorrowMyDoggy is a trusted community where local dog lovers help take care of dogs for walkies, playdays, weekends, and happy holidays

  2. How It All Started

    How It All Started

    BorrowMyDoggy started on a beautiful summer day in 2012 when Rikke (one of our co-founders) took care of a neighbour's doggy. Instead of spending the day stuck indoors, Aston (the loveable Labrador in question), went to the park, came along to a garden party, chilled with some new friends, and went for another walk.

    Rikke thought "There must be thousands of adoring dog lovers who, just like me, would love to take care of a dog for free, and would look after the dog really well. We should create a way to put dog-loving people & pooches in touch, as it would make so many people and dogs happy!"

    So we did... We started our young pup of a company with the aim to leave 'Pawprints of Happiness' on the lives of dogs and people. We now have thousands of lovely members across the UK and Ireland.

  3. An Alternative To Kennels

    Watch the video to see how we improve the lives of pets!


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