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Mapiq helpt mensen om slimmer te werken en het kantoor efficiënt te gebruiken. Mapiq visualiseert álles dat je nodig hebt in een slimme 3D kaart. Steekwoorden: 3D, Usability, real-time data, IoT45NLDelftDelft
  1. About Mapiq

    The Mapiq Mindset
    Mapiq is all about the connection between people and buildings. We create Smart Buildings.

    Buildings. They are less flexible than people. At least, so we thought. The world is changing. In fact, with Mapiq the roles are reversed. Here, it is not the building but rather the people who determine the limits of flexibility. This creates a space where your habits can stay intact, while engaging in flexible ways of working, as is often expected by public standards.

    With our technology the abstract concept of ‘smart building’ is becoming more tangible. Pop-ups that tell you where your favorite colleague is sitting, check if there is a meeting place available from your home or lend your parking space when you go on vacation... Mapiq offers unique possibilities.

    With Mapiq every individual can create the exact place, including al the facilities that one needs at a given time. The user of a building can therefore be just as flexible as that person wants to be. And the building? It adapts effortlessly to a person’s preferences. The office building will adjust itself to the people. This way, people really get the best out of a building!

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