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Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers

  1. About Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers

    The Bierens Group has become the largest business-to-business debt recovery law firm in Europe with lawyers who are very adept at decisively resolving all manner of legal aspects arising from debt and insolvency issues.

    Our mission is “to be the most attractive debt recovery partner for B2B claims in Europe.” In this quest, it is our goal to cover 27 countries with in-house lawyers by 2020.

    We have the grit to prove to any business that our “product,” which is recovering disputed and undisputed claims, out-of-court and judicially, as well as internationally, is the best.

    Our aim is “justice for the creditor”. In achieving that aim, we are guided by the following core values: the will to win, and we are highly and actively committed to integrity. We are a creative law firm and have a no-nonsense attitude.

    Our firm has an interesting clientele, including a large number of international listed companies and is currently experiencing successful international expansion. The Bierens Group has offices in Veghel, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Antwerp, Barcelona, New York and Shanghai.

  2. Bierens is looking for you!

    Our firm maintains a staff of more than 100 employees, 35 of whom are (inter)national lawyers and a large number of paralegals. We handle many cross border cases, our staff is international with numerous native speakers, and in addition, we have offices in Veghel, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Düsseldorf, New York, Barcelona, Rome, and Shanghai. A unique position which we would like to consolidate. That’s why the Bierens Group is always looking for new staff. Driven individuals who know how to tackle a job. Are you that candidate? Check the vacancy section or send a message to the HR Advisor (Felix Bindels).

  3. The Secret of Bierens

    Bierens is a reliable debt recovery party, which considers it important to recover interest and costs from the defaulting debtor whenever possible. Thanks to the unique combination of debt recovery, international private law, and procedural law, we are, like no other, able to render a wide range of support to the internationally trading business community.

  4. History

    In 1952, ‘Bierens Advocaten’ was established, which provided the foundation for what is now Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers. The business was formed by Frits Bierens, father of the current owner, Sander Bierens. In those days, clients received assistance with miscellaneous legal matters, such as landlord and tenant law, construction law, traffic, labour law, real estate, bankruptcy and divorce. But debt recovery matters were also already frequently dealt with in those days. At that time, these were still written by hand in a special debt recovery copy book.

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