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Logo BiAqua

BiAqua has developed a bio-based solution to worldwide water contamination issues that is both highly effective and widely applicable.10NLDelftDelft
  1. Lute Broens


    Lute is a serial entrepreneurs who has successfully built, established...

  2. Monica Paravidino

    R&D Manager

    Monica holds a MSc and a PhD in Chemical Sciences,...

  3. Rik van Duin

    Product and Process Development Scientist

    Rik van Duin is specialized in enzyme immobilization and product...

  4. Sandie Chauveau

    Process Engineer

    Sandie is an experienced junior water process engineer. Through her...

  5. Nityen Lal

    Advisory Board (Chairman)

    Nityen is the CEO of Icos Capital, leading European cleantech...

  6. Henk de Kraa

    Advisory Board

    Henk is an experienced top executive in the water sector...

  7. Rop Zoetemeyer

    Advisory Board

    Rop currently serves as Chief Technology Officer of PURAC, a...

  8. Mark van Loosdrecht

    Advisory Board

    Mark van Loosdrecht is a renowned professor at TU Delft....

  9. Fred Hagen

    Advisory Board

    Fred Hagen is a professor of Enzymology and is connected...

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