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Accuracy was founded in November 2004, driven by the need for an independent player in the field of finance. Today, Accuracy is the sole, truly independent European advisor that can offer companie...15NLSchipholHaarlemmermeer
  1. About Accuracy

    Accuracy was founded in November 2004, driven by the need for an independent player in the field of finance. Today, Accuracy is the sole, truly independent European advisor that can offer companies and their shareholders a global reach in financial consultancy services.

    Accuracy now has offices in nine countries in Europe, North America and Asia and delivers its services worldwide. We boast a full range of skills in the economic, financial and accounting fields, and combine these skills to reach a single goal: to validate figures by analysing them, questioning them, verifying their reliability and providing recommendations to facilitate effective decision-making.
    To achieve this, Accuracy combines extensive know-how in areas such as auditing techniques, valuations, financial modelling, financial forecasting and market analyses. This aids our clients in dealing with a wide range of situations including acquisitions, disposals, companies in difficulty, restructuring, litigation and dispute resolution.

    Accuracy’s key attribute is its identity as an independent company, and as such, it does not carry out any regulated professional activities. This guarantees that our high quality work is done objectively and professionally, whilst also ensuring total dedication to the best interests of our clients. Accuracy’s identity is reflected in the meticulous work conducted by our skilled consultants, who are all recognised experts in their fields.

    Accuracy’s strategy considers client-satisfaction and employee development as its primary obligations. Our goal is to continue growing as a high-quality consultancy firm in order to:
    Foster client enthusiasm for our services, valuable analyses and thorough recommendations.
    Ensure our consultants are the best in the market by being fully trained, prepared and motivated to assist our clients with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
    Thus, as Accuracy continues to recruit top-level consultants, so it continues to grow with a workforce all sharing the same vision for ethics and professionalism.

    Accuracy Amsterdam
    Since 2007 Accuracy has been active in the Netherlands, currently through its office in WTC Schiphol Airport. The Dutch team currently consists of thirteen advisors, complemented with an office manager and one or two interns. The people working at the Amsterdam office have various backgrounds, including Transaction Service Advisory, Audit and Corporate Finance. Accuracy Amsterdam is interested in getting acquainted with potential candidates to strengthen our young, dynamic and growing team. For more information, please refer to the Careers section.

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  3. Facts & figures

    Facts & figures

    Headquarter: Paris, France
    Offices worldwide: 12
    Employees: 230

  4. How we work

    How we work


    When you’re weighing-up job prospects fresh out of university, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what Accuracy's business line really is. After all, there are a wide range of financial careers open to young graduates in capital investment companies, consultancies, audit firms - to name a few. In fact, our firm is situated at what could be described as a "crossroads" amongst all of these activities. Our common denominator is our capacity to completely master financial issues and apply this ability to a wide range of situations. We actively seek out different and unique situations generated by the financial world for our projects.
    The types of assignments that we work on are good examples of this:
    - Transactions: we analyse the profitability and value of the target company, its market, and its growth outlook, helping our client draw up the best offer. We then work with the financial department and other consultants, including investment banks and lawyers.
    - Disputes and litigation: our projects often include assessment of the financial loss incurred by our clients by modelling what would have been the size of their market and the value of the business, had it not endured unfair competition. We work with lawyers and industrial experts do to this.
    - Restructuring programmes: for example, we help assemble an acquisition plan on behalf of a client for the acquisition of a company undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. We model short and medium term cash flow requirements for the company by working with the official receiver.


    Independence is the cornerstone of our company. However, our values and our corporate mission go far beyond that. Accuracy embodies:
    - A sense of service: we serve our clients first, which means that every Accuracy employee shares a genuine desire to effectively assist the people we are working with and to aid them in meeting their targets
    - The determination to build a truly different type of company: characterised by its transparency, flexible management, relaxed communication style, recognition of individual effort and a merit-based career development policy.
    We believe that these two principles are interconnected. Enjoying a better career means participating in excellent projects with our clients, as well as being proud of building our company as a team.

  5. Careers


    We are looking for:

    Accuracy Amsterdam is currently looking for interns and graduates.

    We offer three month internships to nearly graduated students and graduates who are interested in getting to know our business practices and become acquainted with basic financial concepts. We consider three months as the minimum time needed to get a good understanding of our business techniques, but a longer period is not exceptional. Our intention is to hire interns with the potential to become an Analyst at our firm.
    Graduates with relevant experience, whether in the corporate finance or consultancy fields are invited to apply for an Analyst position directly. As an Analyst, you will mainly conduct the financial analyses that are essential to all our engagements. Your work will be conducted as part of the engagement team and in the field as much as possible.

    Candidate profile

    We recruit mainly from business schools and universities. We prefer candidates to be familiar with the basics of accountancy and (corporate) finance, and to have a solid grasp of financial concepts far beyond the theoretical knowledge. In addition to technical skills, we are seeking candidates with excellent analytical skills and the ability to succinctly summarise information. A high degree of commitment and energy, a taste for teamwork and collective thinking, the will to continue learning at all times, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a high degree of adaptability would also give your application a substantial boost. You will benefit from these characteristics while working in a demanding environment where quality and deadlines are of paramount importance, and to do so in an atmosphere which is pleasant and stimulating for all involved. Candidates are required to be at least fluent in Dutch and English.

    The recruitment process

    Our general recruitment process is as follows:

    1. Cover letter and CV
    2. First interview with 2 Accuracy consultants – general in nature
    3. Second interview with 2 Accuracy consultants – focus on technical aspects
    4. Business case (only analysts)

Jerry Vermeire

Get to know

Jerry Vermeire


Jerry has a master’s degree in Business Administration from the VU University Amsterdam and obtained his bachelor degree in Economics at the University of Utrecht. During his study time he...Show more


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