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Are you looking to find healthcare jobs, internships or traineeships?

With a degree in healthcare, you can become one of many professions such as a medical assistant, carer, dental hygienist etc. In order to successfully start your career, you can get to know your different options via a healthcare traineeship or internship in a suitable for you company. There are many healthcare related firms in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom, both large and small, so there is enough to choose from as a graduate.

Find your perfect healthcare internship, graduate job, graduate scheme or traineeship.

Which companies in healthcare have the highest number of open vacancies?

The companies in healthcare with the highest number of vacancies are

  1. Amphia (91)
  2. Amsterdam UMC (Universitair Medische Centra) (55)
  3. UMC Utrecht (52)
  4. HappyNurse (50)

Which jobs are common in the healthcare industry?

Are you curious to find out which jobs are most common in a certain industry? We’ve made a list for you! Discover which roles in the healthcare industry are on

  1. Healthcare (396)
  2. IT (83)
  3. Medical (74)

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