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A better way of connecting your company with the right people on

After a lot of thought and research, we’ve now decided to move towards recommending your company to the right people, based on a new smart matching algorithm, instead of sending out network requests. We’d like to explain why and how we’ll improve the way your company builds a network of qualified and motivated people as we grow to scale.

Connecting is what we do

We launched back when we were still in university with a clear mission: “To let students and graduates explore their full professional potential by connecting them with the best possible future employer”. As you know, making connections is a major part of the DNA.

Something we’ve believed in from the very start and we’ve now significantly improved. Key qualities that build on these connections, such as hiring new colleagues quickly and boosting your employer brand, will improve right along with it.

The better the fit, the faster you’ll be discovered

As we grew in companies, the number of generated requests grew as well. This made it harder and harder for job seekers to identify the companies and jobs that were their best fit. In contrast to network requests, that were either sent or not, we’ll now rank companies based on the likelihood that a job seeker will be successful at, and interested in the respective company.

Your criteria will however definitely remain leading. It just means that job seekers will see matching companies and jobs that excite them first. This, of course, will lead to a faster growth of your network.

Explore page – We’ve created a new page for job seekers to discover your company on

Machine learning and a new interface for sharing your criteria

In order to make sure companies are suggested to the right people as we continue our fast growth, we’ve completely revamped our matching algorithm. The criteria you fill in are still leading, but we’ve added machine learning. It enables us to deduce more from far less information and to generate better matches.

To ensure our new matching stays fast we’ve had to drop the Magnet score. By sorting on relevance you can however always quickly identify the best candidates as you can see here. Our new matching also made a new interface for posting a job or creating a network possible. As you can see, it’s easy as pie!

You can expect a lot more from us the coming weeks

The coming weeks we’ll launch a number of additional big improvements. We’ll add matching to jobs, with which you’ll be able to also quickly identify the people in your network that are best suited for the job you posted. We’ll also provide you with a brand new dashboard where you’ll be able to quickly see what’s going on with your jobs and networks on

We are dedicated to creating an excellent experience for our users; if you have any thoughts or feedback we’d love to hear from you!

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