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ORM - People
Keith Nation, Managing Director & CTO (Employee at ORM)

Keith Nation

Managing Director & CTO

Keith is responsible for the smooth operation of the company while... Show more
Kristina Dooley, Business Development Director (Employee at ORM)

Kristina Dooley

Business Development Director

Kristina is the Business Development Director at ORM and supports... Show more
Andy Farmer, Executive Strategy Director (Employee at ORM)

Andy Farmer

Executive Strategy Director

Andy leads our strategy and insight team of digital planners,... Show more
Neil Hampshire, Delivery Director (Employee at ORM)

Neil Hampshire

Delivery Director

Neil is responsible for delivery and operations. Day in, day out,... Show more
Peter Gough, Founder & Creative Partner (Employee at ORM)

Peter Gough

Founder & Creative Partner

Peter is responsible for all things creative and design. That... Show more
Mark Hopkins, Executive Client Services Director (Employee at ORM)

Mark Hopkins

Executive Client Services Director

Mark guides our clients through the entire digital process,... Show more
Sam Bodycomb, Executive Head of Finance (Employee at ORM)

Sam Bodycomb

Executive Head of Finance

Sam is our Executive Head of Finance. She works with everyone at... Show more
Paola Miani, Head of User Experience (Employee at ORM)

Paola Miani

Head of User Experience

Paola is our UX leader, with research, design and marketing... Show more

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