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Microsoft UK - Story

About Microsoft UK

In the UK we share Microsoft’s global vision to empower every person and organisation to achieve more; but we also pursue a wide range of initiatives with particular resonance and relevance to the UK....

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Working Responsibly

At Microsoft we believe the way we work affects all our stakeholders, including our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders - as well as their communities. Furthermore, these values also need...

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If you worked at Microsoft...

Come as you are, do what you love at Microsoft UK.

Our Vision

Welcome to Microsoft UK. Over the last three decades, Microsoft has consistently transformed the way that people live, work, play and connect through great technology. We are inspired every day by the...
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From Student Life to Microsoft

At Microsoft we hire all sorts of people. Of course we want those who can create ideas and build technology, but equally as important we also embrace those who can sell and market the finished product...

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