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ClimaConnect - People
Sebastiaan Zwinkels, Business Analist (Employee at ClimaConnect)

Sebastiaan Zwinkels

Business Analist

Wouter Kuiper, Board & commerce (Employee at ClimaConnect)

Wouter Kuiper

Board & commerce

Wilbert Lekkerkerker, Business Analist (Employee at ClimaConnect)

Wilbert Lekkerkerker

Business Analist

Arno Eussen, CEO (Employee at ClimaConnect)

Arno Eussen


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Laura Vijverberg, HRM (Employee at ClimaConnect)

Laura Vijverberg


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Andres Chavarria Pescod, Plant Physiologist (Employee at ClimaConnect)

Andres Chavarria Pescod

Plant Physiologist

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