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What are the privileges of being a student at Erasmus University?

Erasmus University is not only located in the most amazing city of the Netherlands – Rotterdam (sorry Amsterdam) but also has a lot more perks for students. So what are the privileges of being a student at Erasmus University? Because as a student you deserve the best of the best when it comes to studying (and when it comes to everything else, am I right?).


A true privilege of being a student at Erasmus University is that you get to live in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is definitely the coolest city in the Netherlands, with its beautiful architecture, the best hotspots, and the hottest nightlife, but the true selling point of Rotterdam is the people. “Rotterdammers” are the most down-to-earth, hard-working people you’ll ever meet. However, this does not mean that they’re not down to get down after work. Go to the Biergarten on a sunny day and you’ll see what we mean. Rotterdam is also a city full of diversity. There so many people from different cultures who live together in one city. Therefore, you’ll also find food places from different cultures, different musical influences and different forms for art, isn’t that the coolest thing?


The campus

The real campus feeling you won’t get at many universities in the Netherlands, but at Erasmus University you will find a real community. You have spots to eat all over campus, with the most outstanding one being the Pavilion where you can get pizza, fries, and even a glass of wine at 12 o’clock in the morning. The food court is another hotspot with various restaurants with food from different cultures and a Starbucks. The best experience of the campus you’ll have on a beautiful summer day. All students are sitting around the water, enjoying the sun, talking to their friends. This is the Erasmus campus at its best. P.S. there’s also a bar. Still not convinced?

The sports facilities

One of the biggest perks of being an Erasmus student is that you can work-out very close to where you study. So no more excuses! For 150 euros a year you get access to a very well-equipped gym and a ton of group lessons. With that card, you can also become a member of a wide range of sports teams from soccer to horse riding, to playing lacrosse. Being a student at Erasmus University means you get to be your most active self, no matter what you’re into.

The international environment

As mentioned before, Rotterdam is a very international city. Erasmus University is a prime example of this. 20% of the students at Erasmus University are internationals. This is great because it gives such a unique perspective on all the course material. The most exciting class discussions happen when you have a lot of people from different cultures in one classroom. Even better than that is that – at Erasmus University you can make so many international friends, which means that you can just travel wherever and always have a place to stay. You can call me Mr. Worldwide!

The events

It all starts with the Eurekaweek, the freshers week, that is, for a lot of students, the highlight of their college career. During the Eurekaweek you get to know the city of Rotterdam in all of its glory, and basically party until you can’t no more. But it doesn’t stop there, every college year opens with the heartbeat festival that features the hottest artists from the Netherlands. There are also plenty of sports activities, like a competition who can run the stairs of the highest building of campus the fastest.Have you already explored all the pleasures of being a student at Erasmus University, and are you now ready to take on your first job? Go on to find a job that you will love even more than your favorite college.