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How do I find a student room in Utrecht?

The new academic year has started and all students are back in town to start their studies. We think it’s important to know everything about moving to Utrecht, especially when you’re new to the city. In this blog, you find our advice on how to find a student room in Utrecht, since students always struggle with that.

1. Know the right person – ask your friends and family

The best way to approach finding a room is to ask the people you already know in Utrecht if they have a spare room in their apartment or if they know someone who does. It is the most secure way as well since you will not experience hidden agency costs or competition from other participants. So post about your search on your social media accounts and ask friends and family to share it too!

2. Join all the possible groups on Facebook that you can find

If step 1 doesn’t work, use Facebook groups. The moment you write a query like “housing Utrecht” in the search bar, relevant groups will appear. Join those groups, look around and if you haven’t found anything yet, make sure your notifications are on so you get alerted every time someone posts in the group. Or make a post yourself. Introduce yourself to the members of the group and explain what kind of room you are looking for, possibly mention location and price range and wait for a reply. 

Some Facebook groups that you can check are:

  • Utrecht Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets
  • Woningen te huur Utrecht/Houses for rent Utrecht
  • Utrecht house/room hunt

Finding a student room and finding an internship or a traineeship are two of the challenges students face in their uni life. However, finding an internship or a traineeship is no longer a challenge since you can sign up to and match with the internship that suits you the best. Get contacted by employers and apply to the jobs you love directly.

3. Use a website

The next step of your research on finding a student room in Utrecht is look at housing websites. I am not talking rental agencies yet. It is more those websites that accumulate listings – either from different agencies or ones they offer themselves. The most popular websites you can find are:

  • HousingAnywhere – rooms and apartments for rent from verified advertisers.
  • Kamernet (paid) – their own listings.
  • Nestpick – their own listings.
  • Pararius – an accumulation of all agency and personal listings.
  • Funda – an accumulation of all agency and personal listings. 

4. Agencies

Last but not least is the inevitable – rental agencies. You can come in contact with a particular agency if you find a student room you like on either their or one of their partner’s websites. Beware that not so long ago, the government forbid agencies to have agency costs when someone is renting a property through them. However, many agencies do not keep intact with this new regulation. Seek further official information in case you stumble upon a case like that. 

Some popular agencies that you can take a look in order to find a student room in Utrecht are:

  • Directwonen
  • Interhouse
  • Rotsvast
  • 123Wonen
  • Altijd Wonen

Housing in the Netherlands is a growing problem because more and more international students are coming to the country and renting the students rooms available. However, the Dutch are building new facilities for students which will serve as a solution to that problem. Our tips will hopefully help you find the student room in Utrecht you are looking for. If you struggle to find a room, but you have a few friends who are also looking, you can even consider looking for an apartment together.