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Consultants get broad client exposure to strategic and operational challenges across diverse industries, developing specialized content expertise along the way.   Some find a focus area they are excited about early in their careers, and others do so over several years. Either way, you will have constant opportunities to gain expertise and hone your problem-solving abilities.

Many join us with limited professional experience straight from University undergraduate and graduate programs. Outstanding students of any discipline are welcome to apply. We look for integrity, maturity, initiative, intuition, creativity - and a strong background in problem solving and analytical skills. Successful candidates will combine intellectual curiosity and self-confidence with entrepreneurship and a desire to contribute fully to shaping the firm's future.

Several also join us as Senior Consultants after a few years of work experience post-University. Those who have gained two to three years professional experience are able to pair their industry knowledge with consulting skills.  Similar to entry-level Consultants, we hire with the expectation of progression to Partnership.  Based on availability, we recruit for these positions throughout the year. Successful candidates should have demonstrated success in their academic careers, as well as a proven track record professionally.

We invite you to learn more about our practices and the industries we serve.  No matter your entry point, you will receive increased responsibility and evolve along the spectrum.

Career Progression at Oliver Wyman


  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Basic problem solving
  • Interacting with clients
  • Basic understanding of key business terms
  • Consultant Job Description

Please visit our Events section to find out more about our recruiting events and the schools we visit each year.

We seek high caliber individuals; please apply online if you're interested.

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Oliver Wyman is one of the world's fastest-growing top tier management consulting firms with offices in more than 50 cities across 25 countries. After being active in the Dutch market for over 20 years, Oliver Wyman has now established a dedicated office in The Netherlands to serve our clients from a local base and with local talent. The Amsterdam office...

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Above all, I was attracted to the firm’s international environment and opportunities. I have an international background, so for me the great variety of nationalities and the global staffing model were key elements that convinced me to start an internship at Oliver Wyman. The people...

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