-  Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Master's thesis: Front-end Guidance

Geplaatst 13 feb. 2024
0 tot 1 jaar
Full-time / part-time
€ 500 - € 1.000 per maand
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Info Support aims to enhance front-end development guidance by understanding its teams knowledge gaps in creating modern front-end apps. During this master’s thesis you will conduct a study to identify existing knowledge and required information. Your findings will be incorporated into Info Support’s knowledge-sharing platforms, possibly through proofs of concept, sample applications, or guidance. The shared knowledge should be relevant across various frameworks and contexts, and intellectual property considerations of the customer must be respected.

Required interest(s)

  • Moderne front-end technieken
  • .NET/Java

What do you get

  • A challenging assignment within a practical environment
  • € 1000 compensation, € 500 + lease car or € 600 + living space
  • Professional guidance
  • Courses aimed at your graduation period
  • Support from our academic Research center at your disposal
  • Two vacation days per month

What you will do

  • 65% Research
  • 10% Analyze, design, realize
  • 25% Documentation

To improve guidance in front-end development, Info Support seeks to understand how its teams develop modern front-end applications. Specifically, they want to ascertain what knowledge is still required and how this knowledge can be disseminated among teams working at various customer locations.

To achieve this, you will first need to design and conduct a study to determine both the existing knowledge within the teams and the areas where more information is required. The findings from this study can then be integrated into Info Support’s existing knowledge-sharing platforms. For instance, the knowledge might be shared through a proof of concept, an example application, or guidance related to front-end technology.


  • The knowledge acquired should be applicable across different frameworks and contexts.
  • It’s imperative to consider the intellectual property of the customer and any associated agreements with Info Support. It’s likely that not all developments made for the customer can be shared internally within our organization.

About Info Support Research Center

We anticipate on upcoming and future challenges and ensures our engineers develop cutting-edge solutions based on the latest scientific insights. Our research community proactively tackles emerging technologies. We do this in cooperation with renowned scientists, making sure that research teams are positioned and embedded throughout our organisation and our community, so that their insights are directly applied to our business. We truly believe in sharing knowledge, so we want to do this without any restrictions.

What does Info Support offer you during your graduation period?

Of course, we offer you an excellent package of graduation conditions with various options. These include:

  • Laptop, all necessary tools, and development environments to successfully carry out your assignment
  • A graduation allowance, where you have the choice of:
  • € 1000 gross per month
  • € 500 gross per month + lease car with fuel card
  • € 600 gross per month + accommodation in Veenendaal

During your graduation internship, you will be included in one of our business units and in our Research Center. This will give you a good understanding of the developments within our projects and our research projects.

In addition, Info Support offers you:

  • A challenging master’s thesis at a solid, growing, and financially healthy company
  • Professional and experienced guidance, hybrid working
  • A graduation program with, among other things, training sessions, knowledge evenings, project visits, activities, and team, unit, and company outings
  • Experimentation with new products and releases that are in the pre-release phase
  • Brainstorming with other graduates and IT colleagues who are collegial and passionate
  • Potential for a permanent position in our IT Top Traineeship program!

About Info Support

Info Support specializes in custom software, data/AI solutions, management, and training and is active in the Finance, Industry, Agriculture, Food & Retail, Mobility & Public, and Healthcare sectors. We provide solid and innovative solutions for complex and critical software issues. Our headquarters are located in Veenendaal (NL) and Mechelen (BE). At present, approximately 500 employees are employed by Info Support.

Info Support’s working method is characterized by a number of core values: solidity, integrity, craftsmanship, and passion. These core values are intertwined in our work and the way we interact with each other. This year, we were also named a Top Employer in the Netherlands!

To ensure that all employees are always up to date with the latest developments, Info Support has an in-house knowledge center that eagerly satisfies the hunger for more or different knowledge and skills.

Maatwerksoftware bouwen waar miljoenen mensen dagelijks gebruik van maken. Dat is ons werk. Voor grote gerenommeerde klanten in Nederland en België. Betrouwbaar, schaalbaar en onderhoudbaar. Wij gaan voor software oplossingen van zeer hoge kwaliteit. Binnen de afgesproken tijd en het budget.
Door samen continu te vernieuwen helpen we klanten en de wereld significant vooruit. Onze ambitie en drive maakt ons vastberaden om topkwaliteit te leveren en voorop te lopen. Can you do IT?

Actief in 2 landen
500 medewerkers
90% mannen - 10% vrouwen
Gemiddeld 30 jaar oud

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IT Consultant


Mijn technisch begeleider tijdens mijn afstuderen bij Info Support is een voorbeeld voor mij. Hij heeft twee jaar meer ervaring en is nu teamlead geworden. Dat zou voor mij een mooi streven zijn. Ik heb het aangegeven tijdens mijn ambitiegesprek en we gaan er naartoe werken. Ik kijk ernaar uit!




Ik wilde tijdens mij afstuderen graag aan iets tastbaars werken. Bij Info Support had ik ruime keuze uit opdrachten. Ik koos ervoor om een smartwatch-applicatie te gaan ontwikkelen die mensen met een visuele beperking op treinstations de weg kan wijzen.