-  Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Platform Engineer

Geplaatst 3 dec. 2023
0 tot 1 jaar
Full-time / part-time
Soort opleiding
Nederlands (Vloeiend)

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As a Platform Engineer, you'll embark on a dynamic journey at the forefront of innovation, shaping the very foundation that powers the digital landscape of big enterprises. You'll be the architect of robust and scalable infrastructure, working in a collaborative environment that thrives on curiosity and creativity. Your days will be filled with the excitement of learning and implementing cutting-edge solutions and technologies, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible. From designing efficient deployment pipelines to optimizing cloud resources, you'll have a pivotal role in ensuring seamless experiences for end users.

  • People The main stakeholder are the Developers and other engineering community members. You will also work with Architects, PO, Managers and representatives of other disciplines within Business and IT organizations.

  • Processes You are designing the platform to support the entire SDLC by providing common, reusable tools and capabilities, and interfacing to complex infrastructure.

  • Technology You will be engaged in different projects, with various technology stacks. But your impact on designing and creating the ‘state-of-the-art’ platform, does not just mean being on the cloud, but rather applying optimal ‘Continuous Integration’ and ‘Continuous Delivery’ to the highest degree

With all our roles, there is some in-person time for collaboration, learning and building relationships with clients, peers, leaders, and communities. As an employer, we will be as flexible as possible to support your specific work/life needs.

Who we are

At Accenture, we embrace the power of diversity and believe in fostering an inclusive work environment that enriches our collective perspectives. With offices spanning the globe, you'll be part of a truly international team, collaborating with colleagues from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and expertise. This global reach not only enhances our innovative edge but also offers you a unique opportunity for cross-cultural learning and growth.

Through unmatched industry experience, leading technologies from our ecosystem partners and startups, and the largest delivery network in the world, we provide a powerful range of capabilities that can be tailored to our client’s most complex business needs. With over 100 innovation hubs deployed around the world, we help clients continuously innovate at speed and at scale so they can outpace their peers. You will bring innovation, intelligence, and industry experience together with the newest technologies to help clients innovate at scale and transform their businesses.

Technology is one of five services that make up one Accenture – the others are Strategy & Consulting, Operations, Song, and Industry X.


  • Dorine Hogendorp
  • Recruitment lead graduate recruitment / Corporate recruiter Technology
  • +31657094234

Accenture is wereldwijd actief op het gebied van Management Consulting, Technology en Outsourcing. Wij combineren ongeëvenaarde ervaring in diverse bedrijfstakken en bedrijfsfuncties met degelijke knowhow en expertise, en daarnaast doen wij grondig onderzoek naar wat de best presterende bedrijven ter wereld zo succesvol maakt. Accenture werkt nauw samen met haar klanten om hen te helpen high performance bedrijven en overheden te worden.

Management Consulting
Actief in 120 landen
630.000 medewerkers
60% mannen - 40% vrouwen
Gemiddeld 30 jaar oud

Dit zeggen medewerkers

Daphne Seignette

Sales & Service Management Consultant

Daphne Seignette

One of the things I genuinely value within Accenture is the people whom I work with. Everyone is very open and always willing to help which truly helps when you start your first job. You build a great network with people from all over the globe and learn from all the cultures around you.

Marjet Welleweerd

Associate Manager

Marjet Welleweerd

Working here gave me the opportunity to gain insights into understanding big organizations and how they operate. The people at Accenture share a common DNA characterized by a desire to learn, ambition, and drive. This excited me, as it presented an environment to gain knowledge from my colleagues.