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Specialist Internal Control

Geplaatst 2 nov. 2022
4 tot 7 jaar
Full-time / part-time
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In this role, you’ll work with an enthusiastic team to tackle management issues and guide the business to a future-proof control framework. You’ll focus on end-to-end processes (reliable numbers!) and formulate and implement compliance controls.

How do you make our customers happy?

Growth is good. And necessary (in our opinion). But it needs to be controlled! And while we’ve taken significant steps in recent years to increase our control, many opportunities and challenges lie ahead. This is why we continue to innovate our internal control framework. To make the numbers even more reliable. To demonstrably comply with rules and regulations. And to manage future risks (even) better.

What you’ll do as Specialist Internal Control?

In this role, you’ll work with an enthusiastic team to tackle management issues and guide the business to a future-proof control framework. You’ll focus on end-to-end processes (reliable numbers!) and formulate and implement compliance controls. We want our control framework to grow with our current business models and new propositions. These are generally characterized by their substantial complexity and volume. So, you get it: our internal control framework needs to meet high standards. This requires precise risk analyses, smart interviews, and lots of testing. Also we can verify that our processes and controls are (still) appropriate and functional. We expect you to position yourself as a valued business partner in this role, so please don’t just drop reports from an ivory tower. 😉

  • You connect stakeholders: the broader Finance team and the business. You are everyone’s first point of contact for internal control, both at bol.com and Ahold Delhaize.
  • You ask the right questions to properly balance growth with entrepreneurship and internal control
  • You enthusiasticly and clearly impress the importance of internal control to business owners and management
  • You are an important player in the arena of internal and external auditors and the business
  • You help business owners prepare for internal audits, follow up on recommendations, and embed control measures
  • You test whether processes and controls are (still) correctly configured and function properly
  • You advise senior management on proposed changes and help business owners implement them
  • 3 reasons why this is (not) for you


  • Legit stakeholder management credentials Yes, if you have 4+ years of (internal) audit/risk & compliance experience and are an expert in stakeholder management and internal control. Knowledge of regulatory compliance controls is a plus
  • You are a crystal-clear communicator Yes, if you can discuss (the importance of) internal controls clearly, with discussion partners from all backgrounds. An ability to connect people and a sense of business partnership are must-haves!
  • The tougher, the better’ Yes, if you can easily grasp complex processes and quickly spot and solve internal control weaknesses


  • You yearn for peace and quiet No, if you don’t feel comfortable in IT-driven, highly dynamic work environments
  • You don’t go the extra mile No, if you’re not curious, don’t ask ‘why’ and accept superficial answers
  • You need to be absolutely sure about everything No, if pragmatism is an alien concept and you need to triple-check every decision

This is where you’ll work

  • The combined effect of our growth, an ambitious internal transformation, and powerful market dynamics make bol.com a market leader in a unique setting. We change more in any given year than some organizations do in a decade. Which is precisely why your tasks and responsibilities will also continue to evolve. This presents an excellent opportunity for a strong and charismatic professional who is a real business partner in the field of internal control. And, given our current position, this role will only increase in visibility and importance. With lots of career advancement potential!
  • Risk, Reporting, and Tax is a relatively new team that has expanded rapidly in the past year. You will join this team of risk, audit, IT, fraud, and VAT specialists, where you’ll report to the Team Lead Internal Control. You’ll also liaise intensively with the rest of the Risk & Control department, Legal & Compliance, and the Audit team at Ahold Delhaize. We work in multidisciplinary teams and consider enabling teams a top priority. We also value roles over job titles, bestow trust and responsibility, and focus on developing our people.

Bij bol.com leveren onze collega’s een unieke bijdrage om het dagelijks leven makkelijker te maken. Vrijheid en verantwoordelijkheid zorgen ervoor dat we samen de volgende stap voor bol.com, het team, en onszelf kunnen vormgeven. Door te pionieren brengen we bol.com verder, met elkaar zijn wij verantwoordelijk voor deze gezamenlijke missie.

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50% mannen - 50% vrouwen
Gemiddeld 33 jaar oud

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Manager Logistiek


“Ik ben echt super blij met de stap die ik heb gemaakt naar bol.com. De omgeving en cultuur zijn hier erg fijn. Ik kan mijn werk zelf inrichten, werk veel samen en mijn collega’s zijn heel behulpzaam. Daarnaast is het oké om fouten te maken, als we hier maar van leren.”


Projectmanager team Engagement


“Vanaf dag één voelde de sfeer bij bol.com echt goed. Het is allemaal erg relaxed. Creativiteit in mijn werk vind ik erg belangrijk. Concepten bedenken, mensen motiveren, evenementen organiseren, dat vind ik fantastisch om te doen.”