Ontvang aanbevelingen op basis van je profiel en word benaderd door bedrijven.

International Sales Manager

Geplaatst 16 nov. 2022
0 tot 5 jaar
Full-time / part-time
€ 2.200 - € 3.000 per maand
Soort opleiding
Engels (Vloeiend)
15 dec. 2022 00:00

Ontvang aanbevelingen op basis van je profiel en vind de vacatures die bij je passen.

Al 300.000+ studenten en starters hebben een profiel.

We don’t care what you studied, if you will take your next step in international market development or you’re about to make a career change.

We care about your character, perseverance, commercial drive and entrepreneurial mindset. It takes some character to be responsible for new client acquisition, building and maintaining relations across the globe. You will sell, be responsible for revenue growth. You will probably sleep in shitty hotels, or in the back of an Uber... Travel and dine alone most of the time...

Are you ready to become an international sales manager?

For one the most interesting companies in the North

We, the Oranjewoud Export Academy, are a foundation by and for entrepreneurs from SME’s for the Northern Netherlands. The companies linked to us are all investing in their international growth, entering, and developing new markets. Some of those companies are looking for a new generation of international sales/ business managers to realise that market development. Fully aware that finding the right person with the right experience is a bit of a stretch. And that’s where we come in. We help those companies to select you and proving a very practical programme to help develop you on-the-job from starter to professional.

Specific vacancies will uploaded soon, but you can always contact us when you’re interested.

A traineeship with responsibility

The Export Lab is a 3-years on-the-job educational programme to boost you international sales career. Both you and your employer will get support on defining, entering and developing an international market on a strategic, tactic and operational level. With masterclasses, training, experience, mentoring, personal development and peer to peer learning we enable you to grow into an independent operating export manager for a small or medium sized business from the Northern Netherlands. We are not a school, so no grading or tests. Instead, you will bring in new customers and make sales in complex markets.

What we expect from you

You will be responsible for developing a foreign market. From day one, working on the strategy, come up with tactics and entering the field.

We expect commitment, persistence, international experience, a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a learning attitude.

And depending on the market and company some additional languages next to English could be required. Dutch is not necessary in every company, so don’t hesitate to reply if you’re an international.

What you can expect from us

You will be employed by a ambitious company from the Northern Netherlands. They could come from almost every industry. The only thing that’s a given is they have a product that you are going to sell and they work B2B. They will invest €35.000,- in your development through this programme on top of your full-time salary. You will get a tremendous responsibility in this job from the first day. You will be active in strategy, to planning and execution. Really taking a leap in your career.

And you are not only getting great new colleagues from your new company. But a complementary support network from trainers, experienced entrepreneurs, and other young international sales professionals though the Academy as well.

Excited? Let us know!

Send your motivation and we will invite you for an intake to manage expectations. Two things could happen; either we jointly conclude that it’s not going to work or decide that you really should continue your application!

Contact bram.kruijt@oranjewoudacademy.com | +31 6 57 59 39 93 | www.oranjewoudacademy.com

We offer high-level international sales/export traineeships to young professionals in order to realise export for businesses in the Northern Netherlands. We believe that the Northern Netherland could and should be more prosperous and therefore needs to look beyond the national borders. Exports lead to tremendous growth of companies. And learning by doing with support of experienced entrepreneurs leads to tremendous personal growth! With export we import prosperity!

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