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Internship / thesis - System Engineering

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1 december 2022

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Where: The Automotive Campus in Helmond and from the comfort of your own home

When: Start date from December onwards

Domain: System Engineering

Degree: Bachelor's or Master's degree

Which team will you become part of?

At Lightyear, our Engineering Team is divided into different domains which vary from Aerodynamics up to Software and everything in between. Essentially, we have all the expertises in-house to build Lightyear One. While you become part of the System Engineering Domain, you’ll be surrounded by engineers coming from different backgrounds. Some of them were part of a student team (such as Solar Teams, Formula Student), some come from the automotive industry and some are equipped with a solid high-tech background.

Davide, Domain Expert System Engineering at Lightyear says:

"The System Engineering domain is responsible for 3 (+1) topics: defining & refining requirements for the vehicle & systems, drawing up smart & innovative system architectures to satisfy the requirements and following up with the system implementation to keep alignment between vehicle & systems. Additionally system engineers are often involved in process development & improvement, as the company itself is also a "system" made of people!

System engineers are involved in all aspects of the vehicle, from in-wheel motors, to solar tech, to UX design, thermal management, HV systems & ADAS. Being able to be in contact with many aspects of the car is the added value here."

While you’re surrounded by talented engineers, you’ll become part of a particular project in which you’ll contribute from your field of expertise. Depending on the particular project you’ll work on, you will join a multidisciplinary team. For instance, if you join the System Engineering team, you’ll collaborate with all other engineers within Lightyear, be it electrical engineers, software, power electronics, mechanical, control engineers (and probably many more). At Lightyear, every individual left behind their safe havens to achieve our mission. So, a passionate and energetic team is guaranteed.

Your personal mission

While this vacancy can be considered as an open application, together with you we’d like to find out in what way you can contribute to Lightyear’s mission. Obviously, this will be system engineering related. Depending on your own preferences we’ll try to find the most suitable assignment technically to make sure you grow as a System Engineer.

Requirements in order to achieve your personal mission

Be aware, being an intern at Lightyear isn’t just an internship. You’ll be approached as an actual engineer and that requires some skills and being able to take responsibility. Especially given the fact that you’ll join a scale-up where little is set in stone. Therefore, it’s key that you can relate to the following things:

  • You’ve proven that you’re strong both theoretically and pragmatic. For instance, you’ve been part of a student team (such as Hyperloop, Solar team, Robocup), did other extracurricular activities, worked in a start-up, you did an outstanding internship or you do sports at a semi-professional level. At Lightyear, we highly value this.
  • You get your energy from being able to cooperate with many other engineers, overseeing engineering & architecting and making sure all parts work together.
  • You’re entrepreneurial. Really! You’re able to swim when we drop you into the ocean and you’re able to speak your mind.
  • You are able to work autonomously and in a team.
  • Connecting the different domains is your passion, that’s why you want to do an internship within System Engineering.
  • You strongly identify yourself with our bigger mission: clean mobility for everyone.
  • Furthermore, you’re obviously either a generalist or a specialist within the field of System Engineering. You’ve finished a Bachelor’s degree and you’re currently in between your Bachelor’s and Master’s, halfway through your Master’s or you would consider an internship at Lightyear as your closing chapter. We’re open for both; a regular internship or a graduation internship.

What do we offer

In addition to a challenging (graduation) internship you also have the opportunity to work for a company with a real, honest and ambitious mission. In this way you have the opportunity to make a huge impact on the future of mobility! Next to this, we also offer:

  • A high degree of freedom and independence during your internship.
  • A multidisciplinary team of highly motivated and talented people you can learn from.
  • A certain internship allowance depending on your educational level.
  • Monthly meet ups with other interns to have snacks and drinks while meeting other like minded individuals.
  • Monthly engineering peer learning sessions where you learn from other interns on what they do and how they solved it.
  • In addition to a dynamic work environment, there is time for relaxation during our Friday afternoon drinks!

At Lightyear we are building an electric car that charges itself. From our experience at Solar Team Eindhoven, we know this is only possible starting from scratch. At Lightyear we bring together a multidisciplinary team of highly motivated engineers, designers, and visionaries to challenge the status quo. Write the story with us!

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