Ontvang aanbevelingen op basis van je profiel en word benaderd door bedrijven.

Venture Building Traineeship

Geplaatst 19 aug. 2022
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Ontvang aanbevelingen op basis van je profiel en vind de vacatures die bij je passen.

Al 300.000+ studenten en young professionals hebben een profiel.

We are looking for a trainee who has recently finished his/her academic education and has 0-4 years of working experience. The traineeship aims to develop individuals in a very broad way with lots of potential to grow within the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Entweder and the ventures.

Are you looking for a place to kick off your career in a fast-paced environment? Look no further and take a look at the following opportunity.

About Entweder

We are a workspace-specific venture builder with the ambition to build two new ventures per year. All our ventures are focused on solving problems, improving the workspace, sustainability, and adding value. Our current track record consists of six prior exits.


Our current portfolio consists of the following ventures:

  • BOW is a manufacturer of modular building blocks to build autonomous spaces within office buildings.
  • Campus Offices is an office concept based on the conviction that office buildings should be used for more than just working. This conviction is being realised by adding as many shared facilities (e.g. meeting rooms, gyms, greenhouses, event spaces, sports fields, etc).
  • Officemanager combines soft- and hardware to offer a solution for operators and enterprise companies to manage their offices more efficiently. Efficiently in terms of lower costs (digital reception), better experience (digital locks, wall readers, and sensors), and more efficient/organized usage of meeting rooms (booking displays). All can be used throughout the mobile app for users and tenants.
  • SKEPP is the preferred partner for finding and fitting out your flexible workspace.

Learning opportunities

Our traineeship provides vital experience in the following fields of expertise:

  • Company valuations, efficient bookkeeping, high-level reporting, year-end closing, and more.
  • How to build scalable businesses that, simply said, become profitable in a sustainable way.
  • 25+ years of entrepreneurial experience in how to build start-ups. What are the most important aspects of a business? How do you start? What do you need to focus on?
  • How to come up with ideas for a business and how to validate these ideas.
  • How to constantly innovate, why you should innovate, and how to innovate in a durable way.
  • How to reach customers faster and smarter than others in the same space.
  • The valuation, financing, and management of commercial real estate.

Role requirements

Our ideal candidate for this role possesses the following characteristics:

  • Completed a business- or finance-related study at a Dutch university;
  • Ability to think fast and analytical;
  • Is highly ambitious;
  • Fits within our non-hierarchical culture;
  • Has entrepreneurial interests;
  • Already has some working experience.

What’s next?

Does this traineeship sound like the perfect opportunity to give your career a head start?

Do not hesitate to contact Knoed Brookhuis via knoed@entweder.vc or +31 6 30 40 18 08.

For more information upfront visit Entrepreneurship at Entweder.

We zijn een Nederlandse venture builder met de ambitie om twee bedrijven per jaar te bouwen. Eigenschappen die overeenkomen tussen alle ventures van Entweder zijn dat ze altijd problemen oplossen, de plek waar mensen werken tot een leukere plek maken, duurzaam zijn op meerdere vlakken (ESG + financieel) en waarde creëren. Ons huidig portfolio bestaat uit vier snelgroeiende bedrijven die worden ondersteund door ons studio team.

Venture capital & private equity
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Gemiddeld 27 jaar oud

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