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WO internship: Predicting and Monitoring Mainframe Loads

Geplaatst 19 jul. 2022
0 tot 1 jaar
Full-time / part-time
€ 450 per maand
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Job description

The goal of this project is to develop an application that automates the prediction and monitoring process of the mainframe load as well as supporting decisions in this process. The mainframe logs various processes and keeps track of different entities, such that there is an excessive amount of data available. An initial list of available data is provided in the section below. The assignment can be split up in three steps:

  1. Making insightful which determinants influence the mainframe load and its variance. As an example, does the mainframe load depend on the number of trucks we produce? An initial guess might say yes, more production leads to more work to be done and therefore also leads to more tasks to be executed on the mainframe. However, we can argue that the tasks on the mainframe are executed anyhow and therefore changing the truck numbers does not have a large impact on the mainframe load.
  2. Developing a model that provides a prediction, based on the impactful determinants found in step 1. This prediction should be whether we will go beyond the capacity level later on the day. This is based on the known information of that day. For instance, how many jobs are scheduled or what is the usual behavior regarding unscheduled jobs.
  3. The third step is to determine the required action based on the outcome of the second step. It should recommend the lowest cost action which prevents that the capacity level is reached.

Your profile

  • Have affinity with statistics and big data
  • Speaks both Dutch and English
  • Have a keen eye on solving the problem from both a theoretical and an industrial perspective
  • Data Science/Applied Mathematics (possibly in agreement with the university, do they think the problem lies more in the data science field or the mathematical field)
  • Three months for the internship and six months for the graduation project (initial guess, but can be discussed about)


PACCAR IT Europe is responsible for the development, support and management of information systems for our users within DAF Trucks, PACCAR Parts Europe, PACCAR Financial Europe and PacLease Europe. Within PACCAR IT Europe, more than 250 IT professionals are employed and divided in various fields, for instance: Operations, Finance and Data Science among others. This gives plenty of opportunities to discover the landscape of DAF IT which suits your interest.

We offer

  • A view behind the scenes at a large international corporation;
  • You will get a lot of freedom and responsibility. We are open to your initiatives and depending on the assignment you see your results back in the workplace;
  • An experienced coach and supervisor who can teach you a lot and is willing to help you with your assignment;
  • After your graduation, you will have the opportunity to start your career at DAF;
  • An internship wage of € 450,- (WO) per month on full-time base
  • A travel allowance, if you don’t have a student travel product (provided by the Dutch government);
  • A housing allowance, if you temporarily rent a room near DAF.

DAF Trucks N.V. is een technologische onderneming en een vooraanstaande fabrikant van bedrijfswagens in Europa. DAF is een volle dochteronderneming van PACCAR Inc., wereldleider in de ontwikkeling en productie van uitmuntende lichte, middelzware en zware bedrijfsvoertuigen.
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