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Expression of Interest – Quantitative Research Internship Summer 2023

Geplaatst 27 mei. 2022
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Unfortunately we have closed the application for summer internships for this year but if you are interested in applying for next year, please see below!

As Optiver’s Research Intern, you’ll put your brilliant quantitative skills to the test by developing and improving our trading strategies. You’ll not only deep-dive the fundamentals of Optiver’s complex trading systems, but see firsthand how this theory translates in practice on our dynamic trading floor. Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll be tasked with exploring a real-world research problem that directly impacts how Optiver trades. With two mentors from research and trading, you’ll get the support and guidance needed to maximise your impact and drive our bottom line.

Who we are:

Optiver is a tech-driven trading firm and leading global market maker. As one of the oldest market making institutions, we are a trusted partner of 50+ exchanges across the globe. Our mission is to constantly improve the market by injecting liquidity, providing accurate pricing, increasing transparency and acting as a stabilising force no matter the market conditions. With a focus on continuous improvement, we participate in the safeguarding of healthy and efficient markets for everyone who participates.

Our Amsterdam office is where it all began. Over 35 years ago, Optiver’s business started with a single trader on the floor of Amsterdam’s European Stock Exchange. Since our 1986 founding, Optiver’s Amsterdam office has grown into one of the most dynamic and exciting trading floors in Europe. Our culture reflects the Dutch capital city’s progressive, innovative and inclusive nature. With its unique spirit, Amsterdam is the ideal hub for our teams to trade a wide range of products from listed derivatives to cash equities, ETFs, bonds and foreign exchange.

What you’ll do:

Quantitative Researchers are responsible for the accuracy of our core pricing models, and work closely with Traders to analyse and improve all facets of our trading strategies. During this internship, you will perform extensive analysis in order to implement new algorithms that support and improve our existing models. You'll be exposed to the statistical arbitrage strategies we develop; work with petabytes of low latency, high-frequency market data sets; experience our high-powered, computing back-testing framework and much more. Optiver Researchers believe in academic discourse, and therefore invite their teammates and Traders to challenge each hypothesis. Can it be mathematically improved? Does it pose potential risk? Does it exploit a market behavioural pattern? Can it sustain its output goals? Constant testing, analysis, refinement and innovation ensure our quantitative models remain at the cutting-edge of constantly evolving capital markets – and as our Quantitative Research Intern, you'll play a key role in keeping us there.

Who you are:

  • Penultimate year student with very strong grades in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance or equivalent, with ability to work full-time upon graduation in 2024
  • Programming experience in any language (C, C++, Python, JAVA, etc.), ideally with a preference towards Python
  • Ability to apply basic concepts of probability, calculus and linear algebra
  • Ability to carry a project on your own in a structured way within a short timeframe
  • Competitive attitude and eagerness to constantly improve yourself
  • Self-starting, ‘can do’ attitude
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Excellent verbal and written English skills

What you’ll get:

  • An 8/9-week internship (July-August 2023) working alongside best-in-class professionals from over 40 different countries
  • Competitive salary
  • Fully furnished apartment in the city center of Amsterdam
  • Awesome social events and outings
  • Free breakfast, lunch and dinner provided at Optiver, bi-weekly massages & a bicycle to explore Amsterdam
  • Most importantly, the possibility to receive a full-time offer upon completion of internship

Value the difference
We are Optiver, an international trading company, headquartered in Amsterdam. With more than 1000 colleagues across four continents we constantly offer fair and highly competitive prices for the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, options, futures, ETF’s et cetera. It is called ‘market making’. We build markets and provide liquidity to international exchanges in Europe, the US...


Value the difference

We are Optiver, an international trading company, headquartered in Amsterdam. With more than 1000 colleagues across four continents we constantly offer fair and highly competitive prices for the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, options, futures, ETF’s et cetera. It is called ‘market making’. We build markets and provide liquidity to international exchanges in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific.

We make financial markets fair, open and reliable We do not only trade when we feel like it. Not only when our outlook is bright, but 24 hours a day. Whichever way the markets go, we are there, always at our own risk, using our own capital. ‘Value the difference’ sums it up perfectly. It explains in a nutshell what we do every day. It also invites you to explore how we do our job differently. We have valued that difference since 1986; the year we started on the Amsterdam based European Options Exchange with a single floor trader.

Today we are one of the most dynamic, innovative and successful companies in The Netherlands and beyond. So, you are probably who we need. Optiver is above all a state of mind. We want you if you want to be the best. When you believe in daily improvement and feel challenged when colleagues outsmart you, which they will. We are looking for you when you like to be seriously rewarded for your performance, when you easily adapt to change and enjoy some humour and fun. How you fit in is up to you.

We want to be the best trading firm in the world. Therefore we are always looking for the best traders in the world. But since trading on the floor changed to screen-based trading we also constantly need the most advanced technology, trading software and connections to the market. In short, we need the best IT-professionals there are to develop, optimise and support our tools. And to service our trading and IT-colleagues the best we can, we definitely need great ‘facilitators’ in our business operations.

We are continuously recruiting for the following positions: Algorithmic Trader Trader Wholesale Trader Trader Assistant (part-time and full-time) Junior Researcher IT Operations Talent Programme Junior C++ Developer Occasionally junior roles available in Risk, Finance and Compliance


We are 450 highly educated professionals from over 40 different countries that work at Optiver in Amsterdam. We aim to be unrivalled in our industry, by being talented, creative and result driven. And it doesn’t matter how we dress or what we believe in, as long as we exceed our and each others expectations. Please visit our website for more information about Optiver. And if you are ready to apply, and we hope you are, please use the application tool on our site. When we think the ‘magic’ is there, you will hear from us sooner than you expect.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on +31 20 708 70 00 or send an e-mail to recruitment@optiver.com. In the meantime feel free to learn more about who we are and what we do by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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When one can excel in a particular field and not just be good on average, that is what creates a difference in the quality of their work.


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Valuing the difference is at the core of Optiver’s business, doing so correctly or better than others is what makes Optiver one of the dominant players in the industry. The same goes for Optiver’s culture. The unique skill set and diverse educational background of the individuals contributes...